Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Taylor's e-mail this week was pretty interesting.  He started off by telling of his experience with someone who showed up at their place at 5 a.m. hollering "Buenas, buenas, buenas!" (That's what people do outside your house when they want to get your attention. ) He was a little befuddled to hear that at such an hour and he thought it was a dream.  The person who appeared to be a woman was very drunk and kept asking to be able to come in.  Taylor woke his companion and he helped the person understand that they couldn't let her in, that they would be happy to visit another time.  (At this time Taylor interjects that he would prefer that time to be something other than when he is trying to get his beauty sleep!)  It was a little unsettling for them but Taylor said that Valladolid has a problem with people being drunk.  It's probably not as rare as he thinks.

Elders Jaussi and Villanueva also teach in a town called Temozon (the photo above is of a church there) and have met a member there who is actually from West Jordan, Utah.  He and his wife vacationed in Cancun and liked it so much that they decided to move there and start a panaderia (bakery) to help the locals out with jobs.  T says that he is an amazing guy, always feeding them, giving them rides, helps them by going to lessons and assists in the teaching AND gives them referrals.  He served a mission to Argentina and his Spanish is still very polished.  Taylor said that he is actually coming to West Jordan this week and said he might try to come by and say "hi."  It would be nice to thank him for being so good to the missionaries, especially ours.

Taylor had only received one letter as of yesterday and that was one from our stake, written by a high councilor.  Apparently, he will only receive letters when the zone leaders go into Merida for meetings and retrieve everyone's mail.  We've been told that is about once a month.  He said that he is only allowed to e-mail family and has just an hour to read anything from us, write an e-mail as well as report his work and goals, etc. to his mission president.  Taylor asked that we continue to send letters, that he will receive them at some point and he likes being able to re-read them.  He said he took a bunch of letters he received in the MTC with him and that they will tide him over until more arrive.

They had lunch with the Bishop the other day and they asked him if he or his wife had anyone they knew that would like to hear their message.  Bishop gave them some names of some non-members as well as some less-active members.  He said they felt impressed to look up some of the less-active members and ended up having a great experience visiting with one family in particular.  He said it was great that he had been thinking a lot about a certain scripture on Sunday and he shared it with them.  As a result of their discussion, they were able to plan a return visit.  Taylor is gaining a love for these people.  He said that even though he had only met them the one time, he felt a connection to them and said that they were an "awesome family."

He wasn't able to send any photos, but we hope that he is able to figure out how to do that soon.  He assures us that he has some good ones he'd like to send.  It will be good to see his mug again as well as to see his surroundings. 

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