Monday, April 29, 2013


Transfers happened this weekend.  Elder Jaussi has been transferred from Escarcega to Merida to serve in the mission office.

Hola todos!

Yesterday were changes but I received a call I definitely didn't expect. I didn't expect it because training usually lasts two transfers... Elder C. lost it when I told him though and our investigators who we were with when we got the call, M. and his wife, started crying too. I didn't know what to say because I was so shocked but it turns out that I'm the new Executive Secretary in the mission offices. Also, my p-days are Saturdays and not Monday while I'm in the offices.  I'm still not sure what mission I'll be ending up going to. [The Merida Mission will be split in July, making a new Cancun Mission as well as the Merida Mission.]

This week was pretty rough but it turned out to be a good kind of rough. We had interviews with President this Tuesday and he "gave me a talking to."  It ended up being good though because I tried to apply everything he told me and apply my faith more.   He's a great guy and now that he is an area authority he is even more powerful.   He was set apart after conference by Elder Oaks actually.  I don't know if you guys heard the announcement of his calling. After [the interview] he asked if he could give me a blessing and in it he said some really good things. I tried to remember what he said and wrote down in my journal all that I remembered.  Just know I'm being obedient and it had nothing to do with me doing anything wrong. [Maybe Elder Jaussi is being a bit to hard on himself?]

Why do I say the week turned out to be great though? Escárcega is going to have 4 baptisms this week provided that M. stays strong and doesn't smoke.... one of the baptisms we're going to have though is just a huge miracle. An old investigator that always comes to church but doesn't want to commit to anything, came up to us after church and told us she wants to be baptized too this Saturday. So it will be a white out in Escárcega if all goes well. I'll be praying that that ends up being the case. 

I don't really have more time to write because I have to start my training from the old Secretary but I'll have more time on Saturday, ¿sale? I love you guys so much and really do feel that your prayers are what keep me going every day and the Atonement.  Keep sending the cute fotos (photos) of my favorite little guys. 

Well.... I luff you guys!

 Con amor, Elder Jaussi

Sea feliz, sea Mormón

Monday, April 22, 2013


Hola todos!

First off, thanks so much for throwing me a good ol’ fiesta and for sending pictures. I always love hearing from you so much. I just wish I had more than an hour so I could keep looking at the pictures. That's all ya can do sir, just look at it! I'll see what I can do with this epistle though because boy do I have some stuff to tell you goobers!
So... Picture this. Elder C. and I are waiting outside the church after the English and piano classes (not given at the same time by the way) haha waiting for an investigator to pick us up and take us to his house for a lesson we were going to have with his wife, and with their "Christian church friends" that they invited.  In the morning Elder C. and I had planned a [great] lesson and I was totally ready.  However, just as we're pulling up to M.'s house, he says "Jaussi, put this on" and hands me a blindfold. Then, I totally knew what was up.  I get out of the car with my blindfold still on and then his wife says, "uno, dos, tres" and when I take off my blindfold she and all the youth  in their... ward? throw a load of confetti on me!! I was so shocked and to be quite honest a little uncomfortable with the whole situation.
 I tried to enjoy myself, I really did but I just was a little bit uncomfortable. Elder C. was so happy though because he was in on the surprise the whole time.  My first thought was, "how in the heck are we going to have a good lesson now??" But then I thought, "you know what? These people put a lot of time into this and money (that's what hurts me the most, the money they spent) so I need to show them I appreciate it." I finally loosened up a little bit more and started talking to the youth. They're really great kids.  Before we left I just bore them my testimony of prayer and that He is the provider of all answers. Then I told them all thank you so much and I told them that I wanted to be able to visit them another day and share them a message.  It was a good night, even with the awkwardness and when I felt uncomfortable. Good ol’ M.  He really loves us and I don't know what we ever did! I'm hoping I can help him get closer to baptism....
Friday, I woke up and ran downstairs to open up my package. Well, I didn't necessarily run.... Okay I did. And I just have to say this: Thank you so much!! I really loved it so much and it really means a lot. Seeing the price of the stamp kinda made me cringe a bit so thank you so much for the package because I know it is quite the hassle. [We think Taylor was most excited about the pens he had requested!---He's easy to please.]
The rest of the day went as usual except I brought around treats to share with our investigators, even though only one was home when they said they would be. We worked hard the whole day but then at 7 we went with the F. family to celebrate. We made pizzas and donuts (really fun actually!) and just chatted. All in all, it was a good day and Heavenly Father really blessed me to be happy.
But seriously folks, thanks so much for the birthday wishes, the package and for everything you do for me. I sure do appreciate it!  Keep on writing and I'll do my best to be a good pen pal for you all.  I love you guys so much!!!!

Elder Jaussi
Sea feliz, sea Mormón

Tay also said that his stomach has calmed down a bit.  “The heat though…oh the heat.  Is just so great!!  I love it!1 It’s the best!  I wake up, 6:30 every day, with a sweaty body.  It’s fantasteec! (Nacho).  But seriously folks, it has been quite hot here to say the least.  As a birthday present however, it rained on Friday night and Saturday and Sunday were actually really cold.  I had to use my blanket again!"
Taylor was invited over to by the Familia F. for dinner to celebrate his birthday.
The birthday package from home...."My dear family...I love you very much.  Thanks!"
 Making donuts with the Familia F.
 Elders Jaussi and C.  Pizza for the birthday dinner.
 The young friends of investigators M. and E. who threw a surprise party for Elder Jaussi.
Not sure what this is about.  Machete and wooden post.......?
 The Handsome Birthday Boy
 The birthday celebration that took place at home for the absent guest of honor.
 The Nacho Libre pinata crafted by Lauren
Pinata broken open by McKay

Happy Birthday, Elder T.!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Today Elder Jaussi turns 20 years old.  He has always been fond of a party and so we will throw one here in his honor and hope that he has a minute to celebrate there in Escarcega.  His package had already arrived some time ago and he has been waiting patiently until today to open it. 

Here he is then....and now.  Still the same hambone as always.  :)
Feliz Cumpleanos, T!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

15 de abril, 2013

Hola todos!!                                                                                   
Before I start the epistle, I'll try to explain the pictures. I have no explanation of me with the pesos in my eyes... but for the others: Sitting with E. in our America jerseys. They are the rivals of Cruz Azul (my team) and he got really mad when I drew Cruz azul stuff on his Dad's car. His dad loved it but E. told me that I wouldn't be his friend until we took a picture together in America jerseys. So I obliged. The other one is me making empanadas when we went to eat with a member. And yes, that glistening stuff on my face is sweat. It is soooooooooo hot here recently. Yesterday it got up to 43 C or so I heard. Just know, it's hot.
This Friday we have an appointment with some members because they found out it was my birthday. At first, I didn't want anyone to know it was my birthday because I just thought "no, I'm just going to work, dang it!" But then I thought, "no, if I don't do something even for 10 minutes I'm going to feel bad the 20th." Haha  And besides, I need to sharpen the saw like Sean says. I need to have balance in everything I do I reckon. I'm just trying my best not to be too frito on my birthday and make sure that I still work really hard that day. You all have my permission to take a day off that day though, how about that?? jaja
          Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'll be thinking about you guys for sure this Friday.  How great that you will make a cake for me!!!! Yay for Lauren. I'll miss her and her excitement for parties that's for sure. A family here invited us to their house this Friday night though because they found out it was my bday. We'll at least have a little party then :) You know me and parties. I luff them!!!
          The English and piano classes are going pretty well as far as teaching goes. Not so much with investigators and finding though.
Well... I'll admit that this week's epistle was not the best one. Forgeeve me? (nacho accent) I'll be sure to send pictures of the fiesta this week and to write more. I wrote a lot to Presidente. Next week I'll write more to you lovely peeps.
 Love you guys so much!!!!!  Con amor,
Elder Jaussi
Sea feliz, sea Mormón 
P.S. Oh yeah... My nephews are so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!! I want to hug them so bad!!!!! What cuties
 Standing on a street in Escarcega 
 Posing with E. in the American jerseys
 Having empanadas in at the home of a member
Pesos over the eyes.....y quien sabe porque.
The cute nephews that Elder Jaussi would love to hug

Monday, April 8, 2013

Livin' On The Edge...of the Mission, That Is

Hola todos!
 This week has been a pretty good one. Being out on the edge of the mission it was hard for us to get to the stake center for conference but luckily we had every session but the priesthood session in our chapel. The only problem was, we had to bring investigators and we were only able to bring investigators in the morning on Sunday. What I saw was good though! Reeeealllly good! (Nacho Accent) Our bus took about 4 hours to get to Campeche, all standing up because they were short one, yes ONE,  seat but we were able to see the last two talks of Priesthood session. President said it was a rule for us to watch it too so I tried to give us enough time to get there before 6 but it was a no go. It really was superb from what I saw though. At one point I was pretty much bawling. I don't know how to explain the feeling. I really haven't ever felt it before. I missed you guys, I was thankful for all the support you always give me, thankful to the Lord for letting me be here, regretful for all the preparation that I didn't do which I should have, happy for experiences I've had so far, and most of all a determined resolution to be better.  I really need to be a better representative for the Lord. One day at a time though, no?
This week I did divisions with Elder Hauser from Champotón and it was really what I needed. While we were doing divisions, we contacted a reference we received that morning. An old lady came out and she said she would let us come back another day but then out of nowhere her husband came out. Gulp.  He had his big ol' Bible in his hand and he starts off his very friendly conversation with "My wife is already studying the Bible and we will not study that Book of Mormon you guys have. You always start with the bible and then you go to pure Book of Mormon. That book is awful" And things like that.  Finally, when he let me put in my two pesos I told him "If you let us come back and visit you I'll be really honest, we're going to start with the Book of Mormon and end with it. It is the most correct book, even more than the Bible, and if you haven't read it which I know you haven't you can't know that." I was feeling pretty good about that being said and he just kept going on about how awful us Mormons are and at first I wanted to planch him a bit more but DyC 121 popped into my head about the "reprove betimes with sharpness but then show love" So I just told him that as representatives of Christ we were there to give people the opportunity to accept or decline and that all I would leave him was my testimony. I bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon and it was really great. I didn't feel any burning in my bosom, but I just felt really calm and at peace.   
Also, I have officially started giving English and piano classes. The piano classes have brought more people so far but the English class is mostly members. It can be kind of tough teaching piano in Spanish but I really am grateful Mom that you had me stick through with piano. We have a few investigators that come to the class but so far they haven't shown much interest in the religion. This week I told them all at the end of the class that I would be here for as long as the Lord had me and that if all they learned from me was piano, that was fine but I told them my purpose as a missionary was to invite all to come to Christ. I bore them my testimony of His atonement and invited them to conference. I'm going to keep working with them but as of right now, it's all piano. I've decided at the end of every lesson I'll just share a little scripture though.
Oh! I just thought I'd throw it out there that Bro. O'Very looked so good in the Tab choir. What a guy! He looked like he's enjoying it though so good for him! It was also kind of weird seeing a couple of kids that I knew in the priesthood session singing. Crazy stuff.
We're still struggling here in Escarcega to have progressing investigators that are close to baptism but we have one who is dating a member who is set to be baptized the 20th. I always worry for the guys that date members though. I really want him to do this for the right reasons. I'll do all I can to help him though. 
Well, I luff you guys so much and hope you always remember that.  My hour is already up so I must be obedient and sign off!  Have a great week!
Love, Elder Jaussi
T and his companion in their "bunk hammocks."  They have to make do in their small quarters. 
 Elder Jaussi borrowed a machete to try to rid their place of a visiting tarantula.  He ended up using a broom to cause the demise of the creature--the machete seemed a bit too short for his liking.
 The invader.....creepy.
 The Elders from Champoton, who also serve in Taylor's district.
New planner..complete with picture of the Savior and a photo of T and his buddies playing basketball on his 19th birthday before his mission.  Kind of random.
This must have been a beautiful site for our missionary....a basketball court complete with lights.  It made enough of  an impression to be worthy of a photo.