Monday, April 22, 2013


Hola todos!

First off, thanks so much for throwing me a good ol’ fiesta and for sending pictures. I always love hearing from you so much. I just wish I had more than an hour so I could keep looking at the pictures. That's all ya can do sir, just look at it! I'll see what I can do with this epistle though because boy do I have some stuff to tell you goobers!
So... Picture this. Elder C. and I are waiting outside the church after the English and piano classes (not given at the same time by the way) haha waiting for an investigator to pick us up and take us to his house for a lesson we were going to have with his wife, and with their "Christian church friends" that they invited.  In the morning Elder C. and I had planned a [great] lesson and I was totally ready.  However, just as we're pulling up to M.'s house, he says "Jaussi, put this on" and hands me a blindfold. Then, I totally knew what was up.  I get out of the car with my blindfold still on and then his wife says, "uno, dos, tres" and when I take off my blindfold she and all the youth  in their... ward? throw a load of confetti on me!! I was so shocked and to be quite honest a little uncomfortable with the whole situation.
 I tried to enjoy myself, I really did but I just was a little bit uncomfortable. Elder C. was so happy though because he was in on the surprise the whole time.  My first thought was, "how in the heck are we going to have a good lesson now??" But then I thought, "you know what? These people put a lot of time into this and money (that's what hurts me the most, the money they spent) so I need to show them I appreciate it." I finally loosened up a little bit more and started talking to the youth. They're really great kids.  Before we left I just bore them my testimony of prayer and that He is the provider of all answers. Then I told them all thank you so much and I told them that I wanted to be able to visit them another day and share them a message.  It was a good night, even with the awkwardness and when I felt uncomfortable. Good ol’ M.  He really loves us and I don't know what we ever did! I'm hoping I can help him get closer to baptism....
Friday, I woke up and ran downstairs to open up my package. Well, I didn't necessarily run.... Okay I did. And I just have to say this: Thank you so much!! I really loved it so much and it really means a lot. Seeing the price of the stamp kinda made me cringe a bit so thank you so much for the package because I know it is quite the hassle. [We think Taylor was most excited about the pens he had requested!---He's easy to please.]
The rest of the day went as usual except I brought around treats to share with our investigators, even though only one was home when they said they would be. We worked hard the whole day but then at 7 we went with the F. family to celebrate. We made pizzas and donuts (really fun actually!) and just chatted. All in all, it was a good day and Heavenly Father really blessed me to be happy.
But seriously folks, thanks so much for the birthday wishes, the package and for everything you do for me. I sure do appreciate it!  Keep on writing and I'll do my best to be a good pen pal for you all.  I love you guys so much!!!!

Elder Jaussi
Sea feliz, sea Mormón

Tay also said that his stomach has calmed down a bit.  “The heat though…oh the heat.  Is just so great!!  I love it!1 It’s the best!  I wake up, 6:30 every day, with a sweaty body.  It’s fantasteec! (Nacho).  But seriously folks, it has been quite hot here to say the least.  As a birthday present however, it rained on Friday night and Saturday and Sunday were actually really cold.  I had to use my blanket again!"
Taylor was invited over to by the Familia F. for dinner to celebrate his birthday.
The birthday package from home...."My dear family...I love you very much.  Thanks!"
 Making donuts with the Familia F.
 Elders Jaussi and C.  Pizza for the birthday dinner.
 The young friends of investigators M. and E. who threw a surprise party for Elder Jaussi.
Not sure what this is about.  Machete and wooden post.......?
 The Handsome Birthday Boy
 The birthday celebration that took place at home for the absent guest of honor.
 The Nacho Libre pinata crafted by Lauren
Pinata broken open by McKay

Happy Birthday, Elder T.!

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