Tuesday, January 29, 2013

En Que Puedo Servirles?

Taylor was happy to report this week that not only, S. was baptized but also her Mom, B.  She has been an investigator for a very long time but never accepted a baptismal date because she wanted to be baptized with her daughter.  Elders Jaussi and G. were on the other side of Valladolid where B. lives where they had planned to go visit other investigators.  Instead they thought it would be better to go see B.  They were explaining to her about her daughter's baptism and she asked them what the requirements were to be baptized.  When they explained them to her, she told them, "Well, I have desires to be baptized."  Taylor then asked her, "Will you, B., follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the authority of God?"  and she said, "Yes!"  Taylor said that there were two miracles that day.  First, there were others in the home so that they were able to meet with B. inside when a huge rainstorm rolled in.  Second, she said yes to their challenge for baptism.  T.  said that the baptismal services were really good.
 B's son

The huge spider thing that Taylor sent a picture of a few weeks ago was actually a tarantula.  The photo was taken outside of their house and he hopes that there is nothing like that inside of the house or he won't be sleeping much.

Taylor now considers himself a true Mexican Missionary.  He got super sick (supposedly from something he ate) and had to get some medicine from the ward mission leader, who is also a doctor.  It really put him under for the rest of that day.  The next day he felt a bit better.

Taylor and his companion also had their first run-in with dogs.  The first was a little one that came up and bit his pants, scratching his leg.  Then a huge dog came chasing after him too.  He said, "They were ganging up on me!  Sending the tiny one first to sneak up on me!  Cheaters!"  He ended up using his big ol' boot-like shoes to kick at them (feeling sure that he looked like a "ninny").  They both finally ran away and then the missionaries went off to their next lesson.  Taylor has since borrowed a slingshot from his district leader and said he has it hanging out of his pocket like "Dennis the Menace" just in case they see that dog again.

He closed his e-mail by saying, "Time is up :/  I love you all, and thanks for all your prayers and letters.  (I received......wait for it....17 today so that might just be a record for the mission).  Thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas to all the family members and ward members that sent me Christmas cards today.  Ha ha...Luff you all!  Con amor, Taylor

Sea feliz, sea Mormon  (Be Happy, Be a Mormon)

Monday, January 21, 2013


There wasn't much news from Valladolid, Mexico today but Elder J. sounds good.  He mentioned that he thinks these"trompos" (a version of spinning tops as shown here attached to his belt) are great.  He said he may never return to playstation, etc.  

The work has been slow and their zone held a special fast so that they could see more progress with investigators.  Taylor said they had a "miracle in Valladolid" and a woman who had been living with members (and who had been asked many, many times if she wanted to be baptized and repeatedly said "No") told Taylor that she wanted to be baptized when he asked her.  The baptism is scheduled for the 26th and they are looking forward to that.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Burning of the 6-Month Tie

Taylor sent this photo of the tie-burning, marking his first 6 months in the mission.
 This must be another of the lovely creatures he has encountered.  He didn't give details.

I think I'll say I'm glad the Broncos lost because I would have probably tried to sneak into a members house to watch the Super Bowl if they went that far. To tell you the truth, we walked by a store and they had the game going because I caught a glimpse of my Orange Crush and I was sooooooooooooo tempted to walk in and "buy something...." I didn't though, and I prevailed over that temptation. Good stuff.   
As far as news here from the Yuc, I was able to play tennis with that guy from Venezuela today. He LOVES English and teaches here in Valladolid, so he always talks to me in English whenever he sees me. All the members look at us really weird when we're talking. I'll just leave it at this as far as the tennis match goes though: I won! Triumphant. He was pretty good and won the first game but then I got my stroke back you might say.  [He's an older guy and]  I just made him run over the court... My bad, should I have had more mercy and charity? Haha no, but he seemed to really enjoy himself because he said "I have not had partner to play with very long time. I am so glad to meet you!" What a guy! That might have been the only time I play though... Elder García didn't really like watching us play. I don't blame him really. It was fun though, and a good break.
This week I have realized something strange. The members tell the missionaries EVERYTHING. Yesterday was when a TON of members dumped a lot of information on us and this morning I woke up a tiny bit of what I imagine how Dad or the bishop feel. I felt way weighed down. I guess it means that the members trust us, and we'll just make sure to keep that trust. I really love this ward so much though. It will be weird to be transferred from here really because I just feel so at home with the members here. They love their Howsee I reckon!
I only have a few more minutes so I'll tell you one last tiny story. The other day we were eating with a member, and the dad was playing his guitar. He's an older guy and he always sings hymns with his guitar. I asked him if we could sing together and boy did we ever have the greatest rendition of secreta oracion (Secret Prayer) together. Then, after that we gave him a blessing because he has been feeling sick. Sorry! time is really running out

I love you all so very much and keep the letters coming!

Luff yas!  Tay(

Monday, January 7, 2013

Six-Month Mark

Hola todos!

It has been a pretty good week here in the Yucatan.  We definitely didn't have the types of numbers I would have liked to have but we worked our booties off.  Like they say though, numbers don't really mean everything.
This Saturday I hit my six month mark though!! You best be believin’ I burned a tie. (Don't worry, it was a DI one.) I would send you pictures but it looks like this Computer doesn't have a USB hook up.  I'll be sure to send them next week though, don't you fret! When I heard before the mission about missionaries burning ties at six months, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  It was just kinda strange to me really. It seems really weird that 6 months have already passed by but then at the same time it feels like I have been away from you guys for at least a year. Time. It's weird, huh?
            Yesterday at church we only had one investigator show up but it was A.'s husband!! He seems really excited and I'm thinking he should be able to get baptized on the 19th. The only problem is that he hasn't really been at his house when we have appointments set up with him.  In other words, he wants to get baptized and he seems like he has a testimony that this is all true but he just doesn't know all of the things he has to know for his baptismal interview.  He's a great guy though; we ran into him this week when we were passing by his house and he gave me three tazos  (like Pokeman collectible pieces)! He and his wife know I love tazos so they always give me their tazos when they get them in chip bags. (I might have to explain tazos next week, huh?)
           Also, we had 16 less actives at church yesterday! I don't know if I told you this, but every area in the mission has a list of less actives that we are trying to visit to reactivate them. This week we went with a couple of less actives that we have been going with every now and again and a TON of them showed up! It sure was great to see all of them. Actually, we are reporting the number of less actives that attend church now. I don't know to what point we keep counting them but I think it is until the Bishop feels like they are fully activated and don't need to have visits from the Elders that much.
            Well, my time is running short but I hope you all know I love you so very much!!! Thanks for all your prayers, letters and support; I really do appreciate it.  Have a great week and I will "talk" to you all soon!

Oh, and GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!

 Con amor,

Elder Jaussi