Thursday, January 17, 2013

Burning of the 6-Month Tie

Taylor sent this photo of the tie-burning, marking his first 6 months in the mission.
 This must be another of the lovely creatures he has encountered.  He didn't give details.

I think I'll say I'm glad the Broncos lost because I would have probably tried to sneak into a members house to watch the Super Bowl if they went that far. To tell you the truth, we walked by a store and they had the game going because I caught a glimpse of my Orange Crush and I was sooooooooooooo tempted to walk in and "buy something...." I didn't though, and I prevailed over that temptation. Good stuff.   
As far as news here from the Yuc, I was able to play tennis with that guy from Venezuela today. He LOVES English and teaches here in Valladolid, so he always talks to me in English whenever he sees me. All the members look at us really weird when we're talking. I'll just leave it at this as far as the tennis match goes though: I won! Triumphant. He was pretty good and won the first game but then I got my stroke back you might say.  [He's an older guy and]  I just made him run over the court... My bad, should I have had more mercy and charity? Haha no, but he seemed to really enjoy himself because he said "I have not had partner to play with very long time. I am so glad to meet you!" What a guy! That might have been the only time I play though... Elder García didn't really like watching us play. I don't blame him really. It was fun though, and a good break.
This week I have realized something strange. The members tell the missionaries EVERYTHING. Yesterday was when a TON of members dumped a lot of information on us and this morning I woke up a tiny bit of what I imagine how Dad or the bishop feel. I felt way weighed down. I guess it means that the members trust us, and we'll just make sure to keep that trust. I really love this ward so much though. It will be weird to be transferred from here really because I just feel so at home with the members here. They love their Howsee I reckon!
I only have a few more minutes so I'll tell you one last tiny story. The other day we were eating with a member, and the dad was playing his guitar. He's an older guy and he always sings hymns with his guitar. I asked him if we could sing together and boy did we ever have the greatest rendition of secreta oracion (Secret Prayer) together. Then, after that we gave him a blessing because he has been feeling sick. Sorry! time is really running out

I love you all so very much and keep the letters coming!

Luff yas!  Tay(

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