Tuesday, January 29, 2013

En Que Puedo Servirles?

Taylor was happy to report this week that not only, S. was baptized but also her Mom, B.  She has been an investigator for a very long time but never accepted a baptismal date because she wanted to be baptized with her daughter.  Elders Jaussi and G. were on the other side of Valladolid where B. lives where they had planned to go visit other investigators.  Instead they thought it would be better to go see B.  They were explaining to her about her daughter's baptism and she asked them what the requirements were to be baptized.  When they explained them to her, she told them, "Well, I have desires to be baptized."  Taylor then asked her, "Will you, B., follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the authority of God?"  and she said, "Yes!"  Taylor said that there were two miracles that day.  First, there were others in the home so that they were able to meet with B. inside when a huge rainstorm rolled in.  Second, she said yes to their challenge for baptism.  T.  said that the baptismal services were really good.
 B's son

The huge spider thing that Taylor sent a picture of a few weeks ago was actually a tarantula.  The photo was taken outside of their house and he hopes that there is nothing like that inside of the house or he won't be sleeping much.

Taylor now considers himself a true Mexican Missionary.  He got super sick (supposedly from something he ate) and had to get some medicine from the ward mission leader, who is also a doctor.  It really put him under for the rest of that day.  The next day he felt a bit better.

Taylor and his companion also had their first run-in with dogs.  The first was a little one that came up and bit his pants, scratching his leg.  Then a huge dog came chasing after him too.  He said, "They were ganging up on me!  Sending the tiny one first to sneak up on me!  Cheaters!"  He ended up using his big ol' boot-like shoes to kick at them (feeling sure that he looked like a "ninny").  They both finally ran away and then the missionaries went off to their next lesson.  Taylor has since borrowed a slingshot from his district leader and said he has it hanging out of his pocket like "Dennis the Menace" just in case they see that dog again.

He closed his e-mail by saying, "Time is up :/  I love you all, and thanks for all your prayers and letters.  (I received......wait for it....17 today so that might just be a record for the mission).  Thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas to all the family members and ward members that sent me Christmas cards today.  Ha ha...Luff you all!  Con amor, Taylor

Sea feliz, sea Mormon  (Be Happy, Be a Mormon)

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