Sunday, July 29, 2012

MTC Week 3

We received another e-mail from T and he sounds good.  He is feeling better and growing accustomed to the routine of the MTC.  The following are some excerpts from his e-mail:
The daily schedule goes as follows: I wake up at 6:15 so I don't have to take an ice-cold shower. Don't get me wrong, it wakes you up but it definitely wasn't the best way to start things off that first day here at the MTC. Then, we have desayuno (breakfast) at 7:10 and class comes right after that usually from 7:45 to 10:45. On other days it switches in that we have service and gym in the mornings but for the most part we have one three-hour class in the morning and one at night. On the days that we don't have class in the morning, we have two classes after lunch that are split only by our 45 minute dinner.
As far as spiritual, or more missionary topics: The language is coming. Paso y paso pero todo esta bien (step by step but it's all okay). I feel more comfortable with conversation but my grammar is still rough. It will come I know but it can get frustrating. Today in the temple I was praying for an increase in spirit so that I may have el don de lenguas ( the gift of tongues) and the thought came to me (in Spanish no less) "Todo esta bien. Calmate." (Everything is okay.  Be calm) I figure that is a good enough answer for me and I'll take it. It's true though, todo esta bien. (everything is okay.)  We have two "progressive investigators" that are also our teachers and the other day we were teaching about dispensations. "Freddy" said he didn't really understand and all of a sudden I used a perfect analogy, and in pretty much flawless Spanish! It was pretty awesome! It doesn't happen all the time but the Lord gives you little moments of victory so that you keep moving forward I reckon. I have noticed that if I go into a lesson frustrated with my companion or someone else, my Spanish doesn't flow as well so this last week I have done my best to always cool my jets.

I have decided that the best way to improve any relationship here on the mish is just service. Whether it be with a companion, district leader, or whatever the answer is always service. I am a little bit like Grandpa Roberts though in that it boils my blood a little bit when not even a thank you is given. And then I remember that it's not about me! It's okay because I believe if I keep doing stuff like that for the rest of the mission and my whole life I'll get a big "thank you" from Someone Else and that will be good enough for me.

This week we had a devotional (Elder Smith was his name). He talked about all the difficulties that we will more than likely face on our missions and he said to focus on what is making you feel frustrated or discouraged. He said to notice that more often than not it is always thoughts that are self-centered. "I don't like this food." "I don't feel good" "I'm tired" and stuff like that. I think Dad talked to me a little bit about this before I came and it's so true! If I start looking outwards I notice that I'm much happier. Besides, for the next two years it's not realy about me and I kinda like that.

 Sporting the paisley ties.

"Sometimes grown [missionaries] like to wear [dressy pants],  'ees' for fun."  Kind of an inside Taylor joke.  :)

"This is the place?"  We assume he's referring to the "worldly temple"--the BYU football stadium.

 It's obvious that he is still our hilarious Taylor.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Week in the "Carpeta de Area......"

Elder Jaussi titled his e-mail "Another week down in the record books, or the carpeta de area."  He says this week that he has been "sicker than a dawg" with a head cold.  He had to take some time on his p-day for a nap.  The cold hasn't seemed to hamper his sense of humor nor his quirkiness.  His e-mails continue to be upbeat and fun.  He sent home his camera's SD card via the mail with a prayer that it would arrive safely for us to develop pictures for him.  It arrived today so that we have some new photos of our Elder to post, including the traditional photo in front of the world map.  :)

T has taken to the sport of soccer (even though he would really rather play basketball or something else, we gather).  He says playing goalie is the safest position for him to play "because if I try to go out and play, I get too frustrated and want to hit someone, and certainly we don't do that at the MTC!"  His companion, Elder Juarez, scored a goal and he said, "It was so awesome.  You better believe I ran out of the box and went crazy for him." 

He has done a lot of ironing in the two weeks he's been there and said, "Mom, when I get home in a few we are most certainly going to talk Spanish, iron shirts and watch 'You've Got Mail.'" He went on to say that he would actually do all of the ironing upon his return.  We'll have to hold him to it.

He loved his package this week and continues to enjoy each and every letter he receives.  His Spanish is coming along pretty well, though the grammar is more of a stretch than the vocabulary.  He spreads the Spanish throughout his letters and usually gives us a scripture, baptismal invitation, his purpose as a missionary (as quoted in "Preach My Gospel"), or the First Vision in Spanish and from memory.  He seems to be doing really well with the language.

Taylor has a good friend, Elder Austin Emch, who entered the MTC the same day.  Austin is in the room next to him and wrote the following to his family:

OH! and this week I went on an Elder Juarez hunt!! He is Elder Taylor Jaussi's companion, he is this cute little Mexican guy who always hates when I give him hugs...... every night. So he hides and I go on a safari hunt to look for him. We recorded it and I'll try to get Elder Neff's family to send it to you. I just looked everywhere for him and gave him a nice big hug and he runs away. And then I reward him with a honey bun for playing. haha its a good time.

 Pretty funny.  They seem to all be doing well and enjoying their experience there.

Taylor had to say good-by to some of his friends who were heading out to the field.  Elder Garrett Burt, a friend from Riverton, left for Norway.  Elders Hermosilla (from Chile) and Elder Sanchez (from Mexico City) left for Boston.  He enjoyed being in the MTC with them.  He tells us that Elder Hermosilla would come in, calling the Americans his "homies" and ask them to teach him English.  He taught them Spanish in return.  Before he left, he came in and asked if he could share his testimony with them in English.  Taylor said he has a very strong testimony--even in English.

Taylor seems to be learning much and adjusting well to the routine of the MTC.  His letters make our day and always bring a smile.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

E-Mail Number 2

Taylor's e-mail was upbeat once again this week.  We can almost hear him talking as we read his e-mails.  He really enjoys his district and has found some of the Elders with whom he shares quite a bit in common.  He said, "This week we dove into more Spanish and I feel like I'm learning a ton more.  I can bear my testimony in Spanish (with a few errors), I can pray and I can recite the invitation to be baptized as well as the first vision."

Time for e-mailing home is limited to 30 minutes and he gets quite a bit written in his allotted time.  He said, "As far as the letters go, Keep sending them!!  They aren't a distraction at all, I just love hearing anything you guys have to say.  The amount I am getting right now is perfect but more is always acceptable." He enjoys the DearElder letters or any type of letter that comes.  He also mentioned that some missionaries have told him that it's okay to write letters home when there is a spare moment in the evenings but he had checked the handbook and it states that letters are to be written home only on P-days.  So, he is going to "play by the rules" and write letters on Fridays.

We have no new photos of Elder Jaussi but will post some from his mission area until we receive some.  Sister Cluff delivered a hug again this week and was our faithful courier, taking a package down to him.  She says he looks well and happy.

Taylor closes his letter by saying that,  'the Church is true, I know it.  Keep sending letters, thank you so much for them and your prayers."

Monday, July 9, 2012

First E-mail

We received a great surprise--an e-mail from Taylor on Saturday.  We weren't expecting it until some time this week.   Here are some of the things that he mentioned:

His companion is Elder Jesus Juarez from Rosenburg, Texas.  He and his family were baptized when he was 18 and he is now 22.  He served a "mini-mission" in Houston before being called to Merida, Mexico.  He and Taylor are the only two in their district headed to Merida.  Others are going to serve in Mexico City, Columbia, Peru, Tempe-Arizona and Canada.  Taylor says that Elder Juarez is really quiet and easy going but that he must shake his head at the 19-year-old missionaries at times.

One of their MTC teachers is Bro. Galan from Quito, Ecuador.  He says that Bro. Galan reminds him of his Spanish teacher in high school, right down to his manerisms and accent.

Taylor says that he has run into several missionaries that he knows from Riverton and BYU.  It must be great to be surrounded by so many friends at the MTC.

Taylor's MTC address is:

Elder Taylor C. Jaussi
MTC Mailbox #359
MEX-MER 0903
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Friday, July 6, 2012

First Official MTC Photos

We have the blessing of knowing a sweet neighbor who works one day a week at the MTC helping to "process" the incoming missionaries.  Carolyn saw Elder T, his companion, Elder Juarez, and some other Riverton Elders and took pictures for us!  She tells us that he is doing well and looks great.  We love getting any word or photo possible.  :)

Elders Jaussi, Emch and Sanderson.  All Riverton boys.

Companions, Elders Jaussi and Juarez.
We don't know yet where Elder Juarez is from.  Carolyn thinks that their p-day is on Tuesday.  Hopefully, we will hear from him then.  It could change because of the mixed up schedule this week and the fact that 410 missionaries entered the MTC yesterday! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Elder Jaussi Enters the Provo MTC

After a day of celebrating the country's birthday, Elder Taylor Jaussi arose early and prepared for his first day as a full-time missionary.  Here he is before being set apart by Dad.

 The family photo after the setting apart. 
 Great minds think alike....we ran into fellow Elder, Elder Austin Emch when we went to IHOP for breakfast.
 We stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Roberts' on the way to the MTC to say good-by.
 It was raining for the first time in months and the photo-ops weren't that great.  Here Elder Jaussi stands under an umbrella near the Provo Temple.
 Here he is getting ready to "launch" from the car and be on his way.
 Giving everyone one last hug and then heading off with his host, a fellow missionary who was there to show him his way around.
 Vaya con Dios, Elder Jaussi! 

Taylor was able to say good-by to his Grandma and Grandpa Jaussi on Sunday.  Everyone has been so supportive and kind.  Today was a great beginning to his full-time service as a missionary.