Friday, July 6, 2012

First Official MTC Photos

We have the blessing of knowing a sweet neighbor who works one day a week at the MTC helping to "process" the incoming missionaries.  Carolyn saw Elder T, his companion, Elder Juarez, and some other Riverton Elders and took pictures for us!  She tells us that he is doing well and looks great.  We love getting any word or photo possible.  :)

Elders Jaussi, Emch and Sanderson.  All Riverton boys.

Companions, Elders Jaussi and Juarez.
We don't know yet where Elder Juarez is from.  Carolyn thinks that their p-day is on Tuesday.  Hopefully, we will hear from him then.  It could change because of the mixed up schedule this week and the fact that 410 missionaries entered the MTC yesterday! 

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