Saturday, July 14, 2012

E-Mail Number 2

Taylor's e-mail was upbeat once again this week.  We can almost hear him talking as we read his e-mails.  He really enjoys his district and has found some of the Elders with whom he shares quite a bit in common.  He said, "This week we dove into more Spanish and I feel like I'm learning a ton more.  I can bear my testimony in Spanish (with a few errors), I can pray and I can recite the invitation to be baptized as well as the first vision."

Time for e-mailing home is limited to 30 minutes and he gets quite a bit written in his allotted time.  He said, "As far as the letters go, Keep sending them!!  They aren't a distraction at all, I just love hearing anything you guys have to say.  The amount I am getting right now is perfect but more is always acceptable." He enjoys the DearElder letters or any type of letter that comes.  He also mentioned that some missionaries have told him that it's okay to write letters home when there is a spare moment in the evenings but he had checked the handbook and it states that letters are to be written home only on P-days.  So, he is going to "play by the rules" and write letters on Fridays.

We have no new photos of Elder Jaussi but will post some from his mission area until we receive some.  Sister Cluff delivered a hug again this week and was our faithful courier, taking a package down to him.  She says he looks well and happy.

Taylor closes his letter by saying that,  'the Church is true, I know it.  Keep sending letters, thank you so much for them and your prayers."

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