Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hola From Campeche!

Buenas noches todos! 

     Les escribo de Campeche, la estrella de la misión, paraíso, digan lo que diga. Me gusta un montón! I am writing you from Campeche, the star of the mission, paradise, whatever they say...I like it a lot! Yep, we had changes.  Bye, bye Mérida and hello Campeche.  I really like it here but it was tough last night. 
     We received changes late and I was only able to say good-by to a couple families.  E. caught us this morning before we left and when I opened the door she said, "Elder Jaussi!" and then burst out crying. She said that the kids are going to be really sad.  She found out because luckily C. saw her and told her. I really am going to miss that ward. 
     Other than that... I'll have to write more next week because I don't have much time today.  This week's shark activity..... drum roll.... I contacted a whole bus!! At a stop light I asked the driver to turn down his music and he said it would be fine and then I contacted everyone. I was super nervous but it was superb! I was praying before contemplating if I should do it and finally I just stood up. Good stuff. We didn't really find anyone interested but it's all good. Who knows if that Mormon.org card is a spark for a future saved soul!
     Well... Sorry I have to go now. The bus takes 30 minutes to get home.  I'm now in the barrio Esperanza Campeche. You can look it up in LDS.org to see the map. 

Luff yas!!

Posing with C. before leaving Merida
 It is hard to say good-by.
 Service project
 Street contacting

Elder Jaussi will miss the people of Merida.  He has had some great experiences there.

10 February 2014

These are a few excerpts from Elder Jaussi's letter:

       Well.... this week we were contacting a reference we received from a less active for about the third time (she kept putting appointments and then not showing up) and when we passed by the less active's house to see if she could accompany us she told us that her friend had just left. We were about to go back to another back up plan but I thought, "let's go back and write down her house number so that future elders can find her" thinking to myself that we would drop her. When we got close to her house I saw that her husband and son were outside in the street playing catch with the baseball and I was about to turn back because he hasn't been the nicest (he's a big guy!!) but I kept saying in my head, "be bold Jaussi, be bold...." I wasn't sure what to say to him because when he saw us coming he headed toward the house but out of nowhere I yelled, "when are we going to play catch???"  He kind of stopped where he was and looked at me and said "right now!" His son tossed me his mitt and I told him that I used to do the same outside my house with Dad and my brother. I told him to forgive me for my rusty arm (man, was it RUSTY!!!) and while we played catch, Elder G. talked with him. We set up an appointment with him and his son and wouldn't you know.... last night.... HE WAS THERE! HALLELUJAH CHORUS!! When we were trying so hard with his wife, it turns out that he is really the man we're looking for. He and his son accepted baptismal dates and I think that once we get them going strong, his wife will catch on too. It was a great way to end the day yesterday. 
     Also... I had a really neat experience last week with one of our ward missionaries, G. He always helps us out with visits.  He is 21 and about to go on the mission. We were in the church at a devotional last Sunday night and just before it ended he asked me, "Elder Jaussi, what are your plans after. Do you have time?" I told him that we had to run home quickly and he said that was all right but I felt like I needed to ask him if everything was okay after the closing prayer of the devotional. He told me that he was going to ask for a blessing and so I told him that I would be more than willing to. I asked him if it was for a sickness and he just said that he needed a blessing. I wasn't sure what I needed to say so I just excused myself to say a little prayer and when I gave the blessing, the room we were in had the most... I don't know how to describe the spirit in the room. I talked about his things that I didn't know why I was saying.... After the blessing he gave me a big hug and when I asked if we could do anything else for him he said that we had done quite enough. It was a really neat experience for sure. He's a really great guy! 

A son of a recent convert.  Elder J. has come to love the little ones of Mexico
 He caught the lizard by the tail but it escaped and left the tail behind......
 A missionary program held in the chapel