Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Blessing!

Hola todos!!!  
Cómo les va??? I had to laugh a little bit when someone sent me a letter saying that temperatures had reached 80 degrees, making that one of the hottest days so far this year. Yikes. This Tuesday it hit 43 C this week. (Who knows what that is in Fahrenheit... --actually 109.4 F) I had never felt it being so hot before. 
Then... God showed mercy and sent beautiful rain on Tuesday night almost out of nowhere, and Wednesday and Thursday and almost every day it rained a little bit.  It made it super-duper humid but you win some you lose some, right?  I was thinking a lot about Nefi and how he talks about the tender mercies of the Lord. We sure got one here this week.  
Other than that.... What can I tell you about this week??? We found a lot of really, really cool investigators and had really awesome lessons with them... but only one came to church. We don't know what happened with the other four we were waiting for but we'll have to do some good following up this week like my buddy, Elder Ballard. 
Lately I have decided that I just have to be super bold with people but it scares me at times. I feel like Thomas S. Monson in a talk he gave in Priesthood 2010 I think where he started by saying "I wish not to offend anyone..." I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but at the same time it is necessary for them to know that their baptism isn't valid and that their church doesn't have authority from God.  Whenever I try to be tactful about it, they don't understand so I just shoot it straight to them... It's actually worked a lot better but it still scares me.
For example, last night we passed by a family sitting out front (Mexican tradition that I am TOTALLY doing after the mission) twice and the second time I felt like we needed to talk to them. As we got closer, I started doing some small talk with them and they warmed up even though at first they seemed like they weren't too excited to see us coming to them. We shared a part of the message and testified and then invited them to learn more. G., the husband told us thanks but that they already were members of the true Church of Christ (another church).   I explained about prophets and the restoration after and then he asked, "Who started your church?" I told him that Christ restored it in 1820 and you should have seen that old man's face. He cringed a bit and made a nasty little sound and said, "Are you mad???" He went on to talk about Peter and how Christ established a church on Peter... I'll give it to him, he knew his stuff honestly. I haven't met a [member of their church] that knew so much. We left after I told him that I knew that Christ's true church had been lost for almost two thousand years and that thanks to Joseph Smith, Christ was able to restore it! 
Well... time’s up but... We'll see you this Sunday! (Mother's Day call)  Literally! 

 President and Sister Garcia came to Calkini yesterday.  Yay!
 We got SOAKED!!
 Soccer ball made up of different players from around the world. Everyone is getting riled up for the world cup here. 

Rockin' the Pueblo

28 April 2014

Hola todos! 
Esta semana estuvo bonita a pesar de que.... los 6 investigadores que nos dijeron que iban a ir a la capilla no llegaron... suele pasar... Híjoles!! (This week was good in spite of the fact that 6 investigators that told us they would come to church didn’t come.) It's all good though because L. came and she seems like she really likes church. She has found a group of friends and they always stay after church rattling off Mayan discussions... I really want to learn that language! 
Yesterday in church the counselors of President Garcia came to visit the branch and because a member didn't prepare a talk, Elder Z. asked me to give one... Oh boy. I talked a bit about Grandma Brinkerhoff and her conversion story and then told them all about what Dad told me. (When Grandma grabbed Sean before he went into the MTC and showed him the flags [that represented her grandsons' missions]) It was kind of a President Eyring talk because I just jumped into the story. I like that style and it works a lot better than any other way here because people here like stories better than long sermons.  I told them of the impact they can have in being good members and trying to share the gospel because if it weren't for Grandma and my other ancestors I probably wouldn't be in a tiny church in Mexico right now.  It was good and I really felt the Spirit. 
So... the story of Elder Crook and I in Pomuch:  We went to go and teach a guy that he and his companion had found the week before but because he wasn't home, the member we were with said that we could go visit his cousin, even though she is a pastor of another church.  We got to her house and she was with another visiting pastor from another church and they gladly let us in. You should have seen the face of the other pastor; he is an older guy and he looked at us like fresh meat to pick apart. 
We sat down, sang a hymn, said the prayer and then the older man, S., said to us, "Jovenes, (young ones) if you can prove to me that your message is true using the Bible... I'll join your church. Mark my word." I kind of laughed and told him that our job wasn't to convince; something that didn't convince him that much. We talked a bit about the plan of salvation with focus on direct revelation from modern-day prophets and when the member we were with pulled out a scripture from the Book of Mormon, S. practically screamed at him, asking what book he was reading from. We then went into the argument about the bible being sufficient; with S. pulling out every scripture known to 21- month missionaries (I even gave him a couple others as well).
The member we were with must have been on the right page with the Spirit because he whipped out a scripture I just didn't have the guts to whip out. ... He started reading from 2 Nefi 29 and read the parts where it talks about "o necio," (fool) and talks about the people that scream they already have a Bible and don't need another. The pastor kind of stayed shocked for a bit but then went on to share more scriptures to prove to us that we were completely wrong.  I asked him to take a pause for a moment and just bore to him my testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon and the way I had received an answer.  He shot right back saying that it wasn't true at all and out of nowhere, literally nowhere because I usually keep it cool in lessons I said "are you telling me that God lied to me?" Boom.... Complete silence and R., the other pastora (female pastor) looked at S. as if to tell him to stop talking and listen.  He tried to explain himself more but we told him that we were only there to invite him to draw closer to Christ and not to argue, so we closed the lesson quickly and went on to the next appointment.  I don't know why, but I love talking to really educated pastores (pastors) because it just strengthens my testimony, if anything. Would Joseph Smith ever have thought that his name would be known in a remote pueblo called Pomuch?
I really do have a testimony of the truthfulness of this work. God is merciful by letting whiny servants like me take part and try to make a difference.  I am grateful for the Savior and his love he shows me daily and ultimately for his infinite sacrifice. I might as well be called Thomas for how often I doubt but "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me." 
I love you guys so much!!! Keep on keepin’ on!

"She's so tiny!"  This is L., a convert from Calkini that I was able to interview.  She wanted me to be in the picture too with Elders R. and Z."

21! Yay!

21 April 2014

Hola todos!

          Antes que nada.... Thank you so much for that package! It was superb! It was the highlight of my day for sure! We had a whole lot of lessons planned that day but then at around 6 at night after almost every one had fallen through I started out conversations with people by saying, "Hey, it's my birthday will you please listen to us????" Ha, ha not really THAT desperate but something like that.  It is all good in the hood though.  I just kept thinking of what my favorite Book of Mormon prophet Benjamin says in Mosiah "Oh how ye ought to give thanks to your Heavenly King!" God sure has blessed me beyond my wildest Pedro dreams. These have been 21 very good years if I do say so myself! A lot of that has to do with you! That being said, thanks again for all the wonderful birthday wishes! 
          So remember how I said I wanted to try and talk to leaders of the churches here? Oh boy... did we get our wish. The other day we were teaching a guy we contacted in the street in his house. He told us not to worry about him because he was really involved in the [his] church, but as Lehi said:  "no le hice caso." I heeded him not (When everyone is "burlandose" making fun in the great and spacious building and they put their hands in the air like they just don't care) and told him we wanted to visit him anyway.  It turns out that he is a pretty open guy when it comes to religion and he understands the Restoration REALLY WELL.  It was a really powerful lesson and just as we were about to invite him to be baptized... someone drove up in his driveway... none other than.... the priest of Dzitbalché!! Oh yeah, it was pretty interesting. You should have seen how he shot up out of his chair, "oh, it's the priest!" 
          He had in the back of his nice truck all of the youth doing some activity for Easter and when the priest asked what M. had in his hand (the restoration folleto pamphlet) everyone started laughing.  I truly felt like Lehi.  Tough stuff.  I was tempted to be bold and stand up and talk to him but I felt like it wasn't the right time nor situation. We just sat and smiled. :)
          Seeing as I don't have time... I'll keep you all on the edge of your seat with this lovely introduction: Elder C. and I in Hecelchacán on divisions talking to two pastors of Christian churches.... 
          I love you all so much! Thanks for all the support, love and prayers.  Consider yourselves anaconda squeezed!

Elders Jaussi, S., R., and M. (Elder R. is a former companion who served with Elder Jaussi in Escarsega)
"We bought a cake for my birthday because we couldn't find a pan to cook the one you sent me....oops.  Don't worry though, we're going to make it!  I'm blowing out my "candles/burner on the stove.  Only in [the mission.]"
 Balloons and tiny cake candles
 So happy to receive his birthday package
 Handsome 21-year-old missionary  :)
 A photo of the opened birthday package

"Strange Things are Afoot at.....Dzitbalche"

14 April 2014
Hola todos!! 
This week has been a pretty good one. It's tough finding new investigators however, because almost everyone we talk to already seems to be pretty dedicated in their church. For the most part, [they] go every year or so but we have found more dedicated members [of another church] than I have met in my whole mission.  It's pretty nuts. 
I was talking with Elder R., our zone leader yesterday, and he brought up something really interesting and something I really think we might do. I mentioned that there seem to be churches on almost every corner and every street and he said that we could try to ask the members of those churches where the pastor lives so that we can try and talk with them. He told me of an experience he had when he was waiting on his Visa in Columbia. Apparently they had a little pueblo just like us and there were a lot of churches there as well.  He and his companion started talking with the pastors and they found one that had a church but all along had been trying to find the truth but the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He was baptized along with his 14 members of his flock. Pretty neat right? We're just going to try everything possible here because I have to push it to the limit at this point in the mission. 
Elder Z. and I did exchanges this week and we had a pretty cool experience. There is a ciber we go to to check Mormon.org for investigators and since the first day I have always been talking to the owner and inviting him to different activities.  I invited him to watch conference while we were there this week and when we were about to leave the thought of Elder Ballard's talk came into my head so I did some follow up. I asked him what he thought of the talk (Elder Oaks) and he straight up told me he thought that it was quite apostasy because he didn't use any references to the Bible. This guy (owner of the ciber) is pretty well versed you could say and once again used all the scriptures I have heard at least once. 
Elder Z. started talking back to him and it got to a point where they were going off in crazy Spanish and weird arguments and I kind of felt like it was a lost cause. Then I thought, "We still haven't borne testimony. We've just been using our brains here" I stuck my foot in the conversation and said to the guy that I knew that all the things we taught to be true because God had answered my prayers.  I told him that God would do the same for him but only if he was humble and put aside all his knowledge.  I quoted the scripture in 2 Nefi about it being good to be wise as long as we "hacer caso de los consejos de Dios." Ingles?... give heed to the counsels of God.  After I told him all that he seemed to not have much to say and said that he would be willing to investigate a bit more.  I gave him a book of Mormon and told him what he had to do with it to see if it is true. We'll see if he follows through because he tends to say that he forgets to read and such...Never fear though, we'll keep following up, Elder Ballard!!
Well, time sure went fast today.  Have a superb week and remember... Your favorite Elder loves you all so much!!

The Pueblo Life

7 April 2014 - Hola todos!! 
How is it goin’ in the good ol’ civilization? Things here are going just dandy.  It was weird getting to an area and not knowing anything, not even where we were going to live but we've been figuring things out.  Tuesday morning we found out who our companions were and then we were off.  Elder S. from Queen Creek, Arizona is my new companion and he's a good kid.  I am training again.  He smiles a lot so that is good.
When we left Mérida we went to Calkini where the zone leaders were going to be waiting for us. We got off the bus and had to wait for them for a while, which made me worry we had got off in the wrong place!! They showed up however and then we were able to find a little bus going to Dzitbalche and the zone leaders gave us the keys to our house and some sort of directions so that we could get there. We finally got to the house around 9 so we just had to set up what we could in the house. There isn't any place to hang up clothing so we had to tie some strings in one room and we're just going to settle with that for a closet.
Dzitbalché is pronounced...  Tsit (the t is fast) ball- chay.  Tsit-ball-chay with the emphasis on the chay.  It is really different being a missionary in pueblos for a few reasons. First off, the teaching is really difficult.  I've had to find some pictures because I find that that works a lot better than any other technique. Does anyone else have teaching suggestions for me? It's tough because a lot of people have very little or no education here so it is not a very normal thing for them to sit down, listen to someone talk and then understand what is being taught, especially if it is a completely new concept.  I have found that short lessons work well too but one step at a time we'll figure it out. The Catholic Church has a really strong influence here and it's pretty surprising. We passed by the Catholic Church last night and there were so many people there. I think all 15,000 that live here in Dzitbalche were there. We've certainly got our work cut out for us. 
I basically start out the first lesson talking about the nature of God the father and then telling them that he expects us all to be baptized by someone having authority, just like Jesus did.  Then I show a picture of Moses giving authority to Aaron, Jesus doing the same with his apostles and tell about Joseph Smith receiving that same power. And then... the moment of truth... we invite them to be baptized. Good stuff for sure! People are really nice here and we have had only about 2 people tell us that they didn't want to listen to us when they were sitting outside their house. We found 8 investigators this week and most of them came from just talking to people outside their houses, and then them letting us come in to teach them something. 
One of the investigators we found is called G. He is a really great guy. The elders from Calkini met him before because they were previously working in Dzitbalche a little bit and so we decided to contact him to see if we could set up a date to visit him.  He opened the door really skeptically.  I wasn't sure who exactly we were looking for because the zone leaders didn't remember the name but I just started talking to him. I felt like we needed to talk to him in that moment so I asked, "Can we come in and teach you a message that will change your life?" Surprisingly... he opened right up and pulled up two chairs for us! 
This guy has had a pretty tough life. Apparently he has had some trouble with alcohol and he is tired of saying he will quit but then the next week falling again. We talked a bit about the atonement and power that comes from trusting in Christ and the spirit was really strong. He asked us questions about why life was so hard, we read 2 Nephi 2, left the rest for him to read and... he read all of it! (He was a teacher a few years ago so he learns pretty fast) We went back on Friday night, having planned to teach lesson 3 in Preach My Gospel (study that one) but he said some things that made me feel like we should teach the Plan of Salvation... We started talking about that and when we got to the Atonement again... Man the spirit was so strong and I know he had to have felt it. He ASKED US when we would have church and I told him the Sunday morning session hour but then I felt the impression to invite him to the priesthood session. I promised him that something would be said that he needed to hear. He ended up not going, but the talk by President Uchtdorf was perfect for him. I'm going to try and print it off this next week when it gets translated into Spanish so we can read it with him.  (We did get to see all sessions even though we watched every one but the last one in Spanish. Don't get me wrong, Spanish is great but it's just not the same.)  He ended up not coming yesterday either but I don’t know... I feel really good with this guy. Gotta have faith!
I love you guys so much! Keep us in your prayers so that we can figure everything out here. Moroni 7:33 is my favorite scripture these days... ("And Christ hath said:  If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.")

Elder Jaussi with his newest Trainee, Elder S.

"Dzitbalché... Yeah... Say That Three Times Fast"

31 March 2014 
Hola todos!!

Well last night we had transfers... I didn't tell you anything because I TOTALLY thought that I would stay in my beloved Campeche... Nope. I got knocked off my feet for sure. Luckily last night when we were going to our last appointment to teach, we were able to see G. when he was taking home the young men after doing visits. It was sad to say bye to him and the young men but it has to be done some time with everyone I reckon.  
We had a really neat experience though to end off things in good ol’ Barrio Esperanza.  I received the call that I was going to change areas at around 7 and so when we ended a lesson at 8 I was thinking, I have to go pack my bags! Elder C. was asking me a couple questions about the lesson we had planned at 8 but I was thinking that we would have to tell them we wouldn't be able to make it but I thought... "Die like a Shark my boy! "  Ha. ha.  We went after to the lesson we had planned with A. and L., a few investigators whose mom is a less active. 
When we arrived to their house, we found their dad sitting with them as well! When they saw us coming, he tried to make a run for it but I told him, "Brother, we came to visit you too! Don't run now!"  He reluctantly stayed and little by little we were able to break his shell. We had planned to teach the rest of the restoration to his daughters and have him just hear but then it turned out being mostly a lesson to the dad, C. While I was explaining about Joseph Smith I asked him if he could feel the nice feeling that there was in his house (it felt uber good) and he commented that he felt the "energy that was present." Whatever you want to call it C., that is the Spirit and when we talked a little about that he really seemed to have a lot more interest. 
We then went on to ask him if he believed what we had told him and he said... "It's kind of hard to believe this, coming from two young guys... How can I know that really happened?" We went on to explain the importance of the Book of Mormon and its role and he understood so well. He is grrrrrreat! I was able to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon again and share the experience I had this week because... I finished otra vez!!!! Again  Yay! En español también mis amigos. Soy un mexicano de verdad ahora.  In Spanish too, my friends.  I am a true Mexican now.  Like I was saying, it was such a powerful lesson and we were able to put another visit to go see him and his family.  He committed to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true. Good stuff!
What more, what more can I say... O be wise?... already been said.   Hmmm... I'm just kind of sad because I was just barely getting the grasp of things in Barrio Esperanza, we had two baptisms planned for the 19th, I loved the members and then.... PUEBLO!!! OUCH. It's all good though, folks. I 'm excited for the task at hand. 
This last week when Elder G. and I were doing divisions again we found a reference we had been looking for for a long time and he is pure gold! He is a boyfriend of a member of another ward (something I was worried about) but when we talked to him we said straight up that we didn't want him to listen to us for any person, but rather because it was something that he wanted to do. We had to be pretty direct but it turned out nicely. He told us that he wouldn't be baptized just to do it and that he really wants to have a sure answer from God before he does so. We taught the Restoration and he listened really well, had great questions and at the end of the lesson accepted a baptismal date. The spirit was really strong in that lesson too.  F. is a good man. I hope it all works out well with him! 
I was able to see President Garcia again today.   He told me how he felt strongly that he needed me to go help the pueblo... however it's spelled.  Apparently there is a grand total of... one active member. Yep. The field is white and ready to harvest! Apparently we travel in bus every Sunday to church in Calkini. I don't know where in the world all that is but... I'll keep you posted! 
All in all, I'm still keeping my shoulder to the wheel and I'm happy as ever.  Nervous?  A little bit.  I love you guys sooooo much and hope all is well in Zion! 

The small pueblo of Dzitbalche is at the north edge of the state of Campeche (near orange marker in the center)
 The pueblo is listed as "Dzibalchen" here on this map.  Calkini is just to the north.

"Buuuuuuuuueeeenos Dias Mis Amigos!"

          ¿Cómo estamos? This week has been... very trying but you'll be glad to know that I'm still here to tell the tale. I have never had so many appointments fall through, so many investigators lie... ouch, and just a rough week all in all. We´re still fightin’ though.
Last week, when C. came into the church the first thing that she said to me was, "¿Cuándo me bautizo?" when can I be baptized? She is apparently tired of waiting for her husband and she wants to get baptized once and for all. This Saturday is her planned date so keep her in your prayers as well as her kids.  She's a good lady. 
Also, a funny story for you.... Almost every night, a group of hooligans always gathers together near our house to play street soccer or just sit around and cause trouble. They always say things to us in English, or things about the church so I finally decided I would fight fire with spiritual fire! Ha, ha, not really but this is what I did.  Entering into our street we have to walk down a little hill and this time I just came running down while saying "ya vino Ronaldinho!!!" Ronaldinho is here! I told them to pass me the ball, all that jazz and then we just started talking to them. They are really nice kids and now every night we come down the hill the little kids say to each other "Allí está Ronaldinho!!" there’s Ronaldinho! Ha, ha, good stuff. We're planning to go play soccer with them one of these Mondays when they have spring break.  I'll keep you posted!
One of the members, G. R., is so great! I really get along with him. He always helps us out in visits and his little kid, A., is uber cute! This week in church as he and his wife came in he came up to "saludarme" greet me and as he hugged me he said, "usted me cae muy bien Elder I like you a lot, Elder. Usted es muy bueno." You are really good. I don't know what it is about him but he has the biggest heart. He always is helping other people and he really does a good job in his calling as young men advisor. Anyway, he and his wife are our first support system, I guess you could say, when it comes to working with the members. 
The other day I was reading the April Ensign that talked a bit about President Monson and I had the warmest feeling come over me.  I just know he is a man called of God. What a guy.  I hope to be more like him. 
Well folks, pray that next week is full of good news! Thanks for all that you do and your support.

17 March 2014

Guess what?? M. went to church yesterday!! Her son wasn't able to come but she did! Then later last night we had a lesson with her son A. and it turned out really well. He normally just fights with us and has arguments but last night at the end he seemed to be comfortable with everything. We have had to start from square one because he doesn't really believe in God, something that I have never had to deal with so far. He believes in some Higher Force but doesn't know if he should call that God. We read Alma 18 with Ammon and King Lamoni and that helped him a lot and you could really feel the spirit while we were reading. The Book of Mormon is the bomb!! Every question he asked yesterday (resurrection, death, etc.) I was able to answer with the Book of Mormon! Good stuff. It might be quite some time for him to come to church but we're going to keep working with him. In total, they are 4 and we're thinking a lot about what we can do to help them all come to church. Work in progress.  :)
This week we had a zone conference combined with Zona Champotón and it was really great to see other elders, a couple for the last time. Elder C. goes home this next transfer which is sad.  It was a two day conference, all focused on what we call the 8 fundamental principles of teaching. Basically it was two days of practicing teaching. It was really good to brush up on some teaching skills and remember things that I may have been slacking on for the last little while. You would think it would be hard to teach with so many different elders but it was cool to go with the older elders and teach with them. Even when they had never been my companion, it was so easy to teach with them and we were always on the same page. 
           Yesterday I was able to give a talk, encouraging (as always) the members to come join  the ranks. I thought it went pretty well and it was good to hear members telling me that they thought my talk was "poderoso!" (powerful) I don't know why but when I was writing it, things were coming left and right.  Barrio Esperanza is really great.

With Elder C. who goes home the next transfer
 Don Gustavo, a "golden investigator"
 Elders G., A., and O. --Elder Jaussi's "brothers from the Dominican Republic"
 Elders Jaussi and C. with recent convert, J. B.  "He always helps us and is a good man."

"Mascot--Campeche Style"

        This week has been another week of us trying to meet more of the members and let them know that we are there to serve them. I try to tell them like Ammon, that I'm not there for their references, but I will be their servant. The members really are so great here and I'm trying to do all I can to show them we're here to work.  We were planning on having 3 baptisms this week but they all fell through.... ouch.
Bishop V. and the rest of the leaders here in the ward really are great I have to say.  Almost every member I talk to tells me that they are willing to come and accompany us to visits. Unfortunately we don't have that many people to visit so in the meantime we are setting up appointments to visit them and strengthen their faith in the message of the restoration.  
We had a neat experience yesterday. We were eating lunch with members and their non-member brother-in-law was there with us too.  (We went to play tennis with them.) He explained that he didn't like to be pressured and that was basically all he felt whenever the missionaries came to talk to him. We talked over lunch for a bit and then before we left I asked them if I could share something with them. They agreed after I had told J. to not worry, I was just going to give him a nudge and not a push.  I shared the part in the bible where Christ says "blessed art thou Simon... not flesh or blood has revealed it to you..." I don't know why but I have been talking about that scripture a lot lately.  I always explain to every person we teach, "I can't convince you, your parents can't convince you and no other person can. God can and He needs to be the person that convinces you so that it is a firm testimony." The spirit was so strong and I told him that what he was feeling was a manifestation from the spirit that this path was the right one to take. He put his head down to think for a bit but then his wife started talking. I think if she would have waited a little bit more and let the Spirit do the heavy lifting, he might have said something different but he just said that his Catholic traditions were too strong to change right now.  We have a family night planned with them and some of their neighbors tonight though so we'll see how that goes. 
M. was baptized this week after having listened to the Elders for a long time.  

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

These are excerpts from Elder Jaussi's e-mail sent 24 February 2014

Elder C. is on his second transfer on the mission so I'll be finishing off his training.  We call it being a "step dad" on the mission.  We have been pretty lucky this week with a lot of help from members getting from one place to another.  Elder C. doesn't remember a lot of places or people [yet] so I have been trying to work even more with members.  There is one young man named J. who is a convert of [my former companion], Elder R. and he loves accompanying us.  He is 19 and already has plans for a mission.  I'll have to tell you a story later of him and his family.  Pretty neat.

The baptism did go as planned.  Another that we were planning on having fell through.  Elder C. got to baptize G. because it is his first one on the mission.  G. is a really great lady and she was really ready for baptism.

All in all, Campeche is a lot different from Merida.  I miss certain things from Merida but I really like Campeche.  The members here are really great (just like in Chichen) and I've already made some good friends here in the ward.  Something different from Merida though...Campeche has HUGE hills!! Merida had nothing like this so it is quite a change.  I love it though because it makes me have some good ol' thunder thighs.  It is pretty cool here though, just that I am so lost still.  Time will help that though.  No problems here, Just Elder Jaussi, Elder C. and mostly the Lord.  :)

 Elder C. was able to perform the baptism for G.
 Elder C. giving the thumbs-up at his first baptism of the mission

The ocean can be seen in the distance.
 The hills of Campeche
 Elder Jaussi is the small dot at the top of this hill in Campeche.