Wednesday, May 7, 2014

21! Yay!

21 April 2014

Hola todos!

          Antes que nada.... Thank you so much for that package! It was superb! It was the highlight of my day for sure! We had a whole lot of lessons planned that day but then at around 6 at night after almost every one had fallen through I started out conversations with people by saying, "Hey, it's my birthday will you please listen to us????" Ha, ha not really THAT desperate but something like that.  It is all good in the hood though.  I just kept thinking of what my favorite Book of Mormon prophet Benjamin says in Mosiah "Oh how ye ought to give thanks to your Heavenly King!" God sure has blessed me beyond my wildest Pedro dreams. These have been 21 very good years if I do say so myself! A lot of that has to do with you! That being said, thanks again for all the wonderful birthday wishes! 
          So remember how I said I wanted to try and talk to leaders of the churches here? Oh boy... did we get our wish. The other day we were teaching a guy we contacted in the street in his house. He told us not to worry about him because he was really involved in the [his] church, but as Lehi said:  "no le hice caso." I heeded him not (When everyone is "burlandose" making fun in the great and spacious building and they put their hands in the air like they just don't care) and told him we wanted to visit him anyway.  It turns out that he is a pretty open guy when it comes to religion and he understands the Restoration REALLY WELL.  It was a really powerful lesson and just as we were about to invite him to be baptized... someone drove up in his driveway... none other than.... the priest of Dzitbalché!! Oh yeah, it was pretty interesting. You should have seen how he shot up out of his chair, "oh, it's the priest!" 
          He had in the back of his nice truck all of the youth doing some activity for Easter and when the priest asked what M. had in his hand (the restoration folleto pamphlet) everyone started laughing.  I truly felt like Lehi.  Tough stuff.  I was tempted to be bold and stand up and talk to him but I felt like it wasn't the right time nor situation. We just sat and smiled. :)
          Seeing as I don't have time... I'll keep you all on the edge of your seat with this lovely introduction: Elder C. and I in Hecelchacán on divisions talking to two pastors of Christian churches.... 
          I love you all so much! Thanks for all the support, love and prayers.  Consider yourselves anaconda squeezed!

Elders Jaussi, S., R., and M. (Elder R. is a former companion who served with Elder Jaussi in Escarsega)
"We bought a cake for my birthday because we couldn't find a pan to cook the one you sent me....oops.  Don't worry though, we're going to make it!  I'm blowing out my "candles/burner on the stove.  Only in [the mission.]"
 Balloons and tiny cake candles
 So happy to receive his birthday package
 Handsome 21-year-old missionary  :)
 A photo of the opened birthday package

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