Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

These are excerpts from Elder Jaussi's e-mail sent 24 February 2014

Elder C. is on his second transfer on the mission so I'll be finishing off his training.  We call it being a "step dad" on the mission.  We have been pretty lucky this week with a lot of help from members getting from one place to another.  Elder C. doesn't remember a lot of places or people [yet] so I have been trying to work even more with members.  There is one young man named J. who is a convert of [my former companion], Elder R. and he loves accompanying us.  He is 19 and already has plans for a mission.  I'll have to tell you a story later of him and his family.  Pretty neat.

The baptism did go as planned.  Another that we were planning on having fell through.  Elder C. got to baptize G. because it is his first one on the mission.  G. is a really great lady and she was really ready for baptism.

All in all, Campeche is a lot different from Merida.  I miss certain things from Merida but I really like Campeche.  The members here are really great (just like in Chichen) and I've already made some good friends here in the ward.  Something different from Merida though...Campeche has HUGE hills!! Merida had nothing like this so it is quite a change.  I love it though because it makes me have some good ol' thunder thighs.  It is pretty cool here though, just that I am so lost still.  Time will help that though.  No problems here, Just Elder Jaussi, Elder C. and mostly the Lord.  :)

 Elder C. was able to perform the baptism for G.
 Elder C. giving the thumbs-up at his first baptism of the mission

The ocean can be seen in the distance.
 The hills of Campeche
 Elder Jaussi is the small dot at the top of this hill in Campeche.

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