Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Blessing!

Hola todos!!!  
Cómo les va??? I had to laugh a little bit when someone sent me a letter saying that temperatures had reached 80 degrees, making that one of the hottest days so far this year. Yikes. This Tuesday it hit 43 C this week. (Who knows what that is in Fahrenheit... --actually 109.4 F) I had never felt it being so hot before. 
Then... God showed mercy and sent beautiful rain on Tuesday night almost out of nowhere, and Wednesday and Thursday and almost every day it rained a little bit.  It made it super-duper humid but you win some you lose some, right?  I was thinking a lot about Nefi and how he talks about the tender mercies of the Lord. We sure got one here this week.  
Other than that.... What can I tell you about this week??? We found a lot of really, really cool investigators and had really awesome lessons with them... but only one came to church. We don't know what happened with the other four we were waiting for but we'll have to do some good following up this week like my buddy, Elder Ballard. 
Lately I have decided that I just have to be super bold with people but it scares me at times. I feel like Thomas S. Monson in a talk he gave in Priesthood 2010 I think where he started by saying "I wish not to offend anyone..." I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but at the same time it is necessary for them to know that their baptism isn't valid and that their church doesn't have authority from God.  Whenever I try to be tactful about it, they don't understand so I just shoot it straight to them... It's actually worked a lot better but it still scares me.
For example, last night we passed by a family sitting out front (Mexican tradition that I am TOTALLY doing after the mission) twice and the second time I felt like we needed to talk to them. As we got closer, I started doing some small talk with them and they warmed up even though at first they seemed like they weren't too excited to see us coming to them. We shared a part of the message and testified and then invited them to learn more. G., the husband told us thanks but that they already were members of the true Church of Christ (another church).   I explained about prophets and the restoration after and then he asked, "Who started your church?" I told him that Christ restored it in 1820 and you should have seen that old man's face. He cringed a bit and made a nasty little sound and said, "Are you mad???" He went on to talk about Peter and how Christ established a church on Peter... I'll give it to him, he knew his stuff honestly. I haven't met a [member of their church] that knew so much. We left after I told him that I knew that Christ's true church had been lost for almost two thousand years and that thanks to Joseph Smith, Christ was able to restore it! 
Well... time’s up but... We'll see you this Sunday! (Mother's Day call)  Literally! 

 President and Sister Garcia came to Calkini yesterday.  Yay!
 We got SOAKED!!
 Soccer ball made up of different players from around the world. Everyone is getting riled up for the world cup here. 

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