Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Dzitbalché... Yeah... Say That Three Times Fast"

31 March 2014 
Hola todos!!

Well last night we had transfers... I didn't tell you anything because I TOTALLY thought that I would stay in my beloved Campeche... Nope. I got knocked off my feet for sure. Luckily last night when we were going to our last appointment to teach, we were able to see G. when he was taking home the young men after doing visits. It was sad to say bye to him and the young men but it has to be done some time with everyone I reckon.  
We had a really neat experience though to end off things in good ol’ Barrio Esperanza.  I received the call that I was going to change areas at around 7 and so when we ended a lesson at 8 I was thinking, I have to go pack my bags! Elder C. was asking me a couple questions about the lesson we had planned at 8 but I was thinking that we would have to tell them we wouldn't be able to make it but I thought... "Die like a Shark my boy! "  Ha. ha.  We went after to the lesson we had planned with A. and L., a few investigators whose mom is a less active. 
When we arrived to their house, we found their dad sitting with them as well! When they saw us coming, he tried to make a run for it but I told him, "Brother, we came to visit you too! Don't run now!"  He reluctantly stayed and little by little we were able to break his shell. We had planned to teach the rest of the restoration to his daughters and have him just hear but then it turned out being mostly a lesson to the dad, C. While I was explaining about Joseph Smith I asked him if he could feel the nice feeling that there was in his house (it felt uber good) and he commented that he felt the "energy that was present." Whatever you want to call it C., that is the Spirit and when we talked a little about that he really seemed to have a lot more interest. 
We then went on to ask him if he believed what we had told him and he said... "It's kind of hard to believe this, coming from two young guys... How can I know that really happened?" We went on to explain the importance of the Book of Mormon and its role and he understood so well. He is grrrrrreat! I was able to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon again and share the experience I had this week because... I finished otra vez!!!! Again  Yay! En español también mis amigos. Soy un mexicano de verdad ahora.  In Spanish too, my friends.  I am a true Mexican now.  Like I was saying, it was such a powerful lesson and we were able to put another visit to go see him and his family.  He committed to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true. Good stuff!
What more, what more can I say... O be wise?... already been said.   Hmmm... I'm just kind of sad because I was just barely getting the grasp of things in Barrio Esperanza, we had two baptisms planned for the 19th, I loved the members and then.... PUEBLO!!! OUCH. It's all good though, folks. I 'm excited for the task at hand. 
This last week when Elder G. and I were doing divisions again we found a reference we had been looking for for a long time and he is pure gold! He is a boyfriend of a member of another ward (something I was worried about) but when we talked to him we said straight up that we didn't want him to listen to us for any person, but rather because it was something that he wanted to do. We had to be pretty direct but it turned out nicely. He told us that he wouldn't be baptized just to do it and that he really wants to have a sure answer from God before he does so. We taught the Restoration and he listened really well, had great questions and at the end of the lesson accepted a baptismal date. The spirit was really strong in that lesson too.  F. is a good man. I hope it all works out well with him! 
I was able to see President Garcia again today.   He told me how he felt strongly that he needed me to go help the pueblo... however it's spelled.  Apparently there is a grand total of... one active member. Yep. The field is white and ready to harvest! Apparently we travel in bus every Sunday to church in Calkini. I don't know where in the world all that is but... I'll keep you posted! 
All in all, I'm still keeping my shoulder to the wheel and I'm happy as ever.  Nervous?  A little bit.  I love you guys sooooo much and hope all is well in Zion! 

The small pueblo of Dzitbalche is at the north edge of the state of Campeche (near orange marker in the center)
 The pueblo is listed as "Dzibalchen" here on this map.  Calkini is just to the north.

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