Sunday, August 26, 2012

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

Taylor's visa has been finalized and he will be departing on schedule from the Provo MTC on Monday, Sept. 3.  He is so happy that he won't have to wait to go to Mexico.  He said in his last e-mail, "On Monday night Elder Jaurez and I got called down to the travel office and they told us that we were going to be driving up to SLC the next day to sign for our visas at the Mexico Consulate.  First of all, we were excited to get out of the MTC bubble and everyday routine but mostly because our prayers were answered! Austin Emch rode up in the bus with us too along with Riley Sanderson.  A good time was had by all for sure!"  They will be leaving the MTC at 6 a.m. on the 3rd and we hope to be able to visit with him for a bit by phone when he gets to the airport.

Taylor and his group have been working hard to speak their language (Hablar Su Idioma) and he said, "This week with the HSI, I feel like my Spanish really took off.  I feel like I'll be able to hold my own in Mexico but the listening is rough! They talk so fast." 

Letters written to the MTC should arrive before Sept. 3.  After that, they are to be sent to the mission address or sent through the pouch system.  See sidebar for options.  Thanks to everyone for writing to him.  He has enjoyed hearing from so many people.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Elder Jaussi's Epistle

Elder T. continues to have a good attitude as he plugs along with the routine of the MTC.  He said that many of the Elders in his district have left for missionary training centers in South America and that they are down to 6 Elders.  His teachers have been replaced with "permanent subs" as one is done teaching and another is on vacation.  We sense that this is a little frustrating for him.  He did mention that one of the substitute teachers, Hermana (sister) Ruiz is from Mexico City, grew up mostly in Texas and is very good.  She also appreciates his "Nacho Libre" humor from the movie, as her fiance is also a Nacho fanatic.
Elders White and Jaussi.  Not sure about the significance of the pose.

His district has set some goals to really focus on speaking the Spanish language and have decided on some self-imposed sacrifices when they don't meet those goals.  He has chosen to sacrifice the speaking of sports during break time and his weekly visit to Sister Cluff if he falls short of his goals.  Hopefully, he will meet them and can still look forward to those diversions!

GQ missionaries??  Good looking crew just the same, especially the one front and center!

T and companion, Elder Juarez chillin' on the temple grounds.

Taylor is still hopeful that their visas come through before Labor Day, their scheduled date of departure.  He wonders if the recent victory of the U.S. over the Mexican soccer team might cause a delay.....but was kidding.  Recently, the Elders assigned to Mexico have not been delayed longer than a day or two.  He hopes that the trend continues.  If it does, that means just a couple more weeks in Provo.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Almost Like Christmas

 We received an e-mail from Taylor on Friday, his camera SD card via Sister Cluff with some new photos and then a handwritten letter on Saturday.  It was almost like Christmas!  He sounds great and seems happy.  He is as handsome as ever in his photos and appears to be enjoying his fellow missionaries and teachers. Taylor still has his sense of humor and it comes through loud and clear in his e-mails and letters. This photo of him and one of his instructors shows that little-kid "smirk" that he has always had.  Love it.

Taylor really is enjoying the letters that he is receiving.  He said, "I love hearing from all of you and thanks for always writing so much to me. My district always gives me a hard time because I get so [many] letters! (Sometimes we have to edit.  The Spanish is starting to corrupt his English a bit!) 

The photo above is of his group when they attended the temple on p-day.  He is scheduled to depart from the MTC on Labor Day, September 3.  He reports that, "There are a couple of elders going to Mexico and they've been here about 8 weeks. Guess what?? They all have their visas! Hopefully this trend continues! Keep that in your prayers! I hope the same happens for me."  We are pretty sure that he is getting good and ready to leave the MTC.

This photo was most likely taken because he would love this "bad boy" of a mower.  It probably reminds him of his days working for Draper City.  He became quite the expert mower there.  :)

This week he has had his testimony strengthened with regard to the Book of Mormon and shared some of the experiences that brought that about.  It is amazing to see the growth that occurs for these missionaries as they dedicate themselves to this work.

Friday, August 3, 2012


For those who would prefer to jot Taylor a note without having to find a stamp and an envelope, DearElder.com is the answer.  Just go to the website, register with username and password (doesn't cost anything).  Log in, select MTC-Provo as the destination for your letter, put in his address and then type the letter in the space provided below.  The letter will be printed and given to him at the MTC.  Pretty simple. 

When he gets to Mexico, we can still use this service.  The letters we send through DearElder.com will be printed and sent in the "pouch" that is hand-delivered to Mexico.  This is still a free letter, saving the $1.05 postage that it would cost to send it otherwise.  We will post his Mexico mission address in the coming weeks.

Hola Todos!

We received Taylor's e-mail today.  This is most of what he had to say:

Hola todos!                                                                                              

One more week down in the record books! Let's just say that it is the same old, same old because unfortunately that is what it is now.  Just repetition, repetition.  First, to answer your questions mother:   My district was pretty happy to have the gym open again but mostly because it means less people on the soccer field.  I must admit that I hurt my leg pretty bad playing soccer and defending like a mascot.... I'll have to give you the nitty gritty details later.  It's nothing too much to worry about just a good ol' bruise on my thigh. We went as a district to the gym this Thursday to go play ball and get my LeBron on, but my leg wouldn't really support me very well seeing as I am used to dunking a lot you know?  I just went upstairs and lifted weights for the whole time instead.  For gym I've just mostly played goalie so I don't have to run on my leg too much.  It doesn't hurt as much to walk anymore but running hurts it pretty good. Honestly though, don't you cutie patooties worry about me because it should be good in no time. Until then I'm just keeping it easy.  So to answer your first question, I am pretty neutral as far as being excited that the gym is open.
On Wednesday we decided to try out sand volleyball up above the soccer fields and that was pretty darn fun. We split our district into a five on five game and it was great.  It's a hoot playing with our district because we're not the most athletic group.  If only you could have seen me Caitlin, I was diggin’ and divin’ and spikin’ like a volleyball-lovin’-fool!!!!  I definitely pitied the fool who dared try and return my spike. 
 [ Next question] Yes, I do remember who loves me most.  Es Dios por supuesto! Porque, Dios nos amo mucho y somos Sus hijos! (It is God, of course!  Because God loves us very much and we are His children)  Just kiddin' momma, I know you love me most :)
 [Next question] It is good to see Brad, Austin, Brennan, and other familiar faces around but I have to admit I would be just fine if the only people I know were my district. They're all really cool. I'm sad to say that Elders Elmer, Hogan, and Chase all got their visas though so they're headed off to the Columbia MTC.  It's a darn shame.  I guess that just means more help from the teachers here though so that's a good thing I reckon.
This last I sang in the choir while Elder Juarez sat in the back row ("I hate singing" -Elder Juarez) and I got to sit by Brennan Cornilles and his companion. They're both WAY funny.  His companion is from Oregon too actually. It was really good to be able to catch up with Elder Cornilles and we're planning on sitting next to each other each practice and performance.  We sang the song "Faith of our Fathers" and let me tell you, the tenor part was higher than Mount Everest. Who nailed it though?  Oh yeah, Elder Cornilles and I.  I don't know how comfortable I feel admitting that, but there you have it folks.
Dad! I went to the temple today to do initiatories and Vaughn Johnson was there working. Does that name sound familiar?  He pronounced my name perfectly which is always weird, and then he asked me where I was from.  I told him I was from Riverton and he said, "Oh, I went to high school with a Jaussi." I asked him which one it was and he said, "His name was Kurt."  I was like a giddy school girl and told him that was my Daddio!!!! Then he kinda did the Princess Diaries "Shut up!" and I said "Le digo" (I’m telling you) and he said "No me diga"(you don’t say) and on and on. It was really funny though and pretty neat.  He then went on to tell me that the aforementioned Kurt Jaussi played quarterback and he also played on the team.  (I acted like I was surprised when I found out you were quarterback. "You don't say!  My father, the quarterback??")  Anyways, it was really cool and he said to tell you hi and that you are a really good guy, something I knew as well :) Best of all, he said I "resemble you a lot" so I guess Mom was right when she said Dad was quite the hottie back in the day and still is. Jajajajaja I kill me!
Elder Juarez and I have committed one of our "investigadores" (see if you can translate that tough one!) to baptism! It's kind of hard to take the teaching seriously because the "investigators" are our teachers too but lately I have been able to treat them like the real deal. 
Hermano Barnard is our second teacher and he is the greatest.  We always say "Choquelo" to each other (pound it) and now he says he's pounding the rock with everyone because of me.  Oh silly Barnard.  About once every week we have a "Coach missionary study" with our teachers and the one we had yesterday went really well.  Hermano Barnard challenged us, and mostly Elder Juarez to have him do all the talking until the opening prayer.  I usually have to do all the small talk but it will be nice for Elder Juarez to practice. 
            Sorry I don't put much detail into the e-mails but 30 minutes isn't really much to work with especially trying to get my thoughts all organized.  I love you guys so much!  Keep sending DearElders, letters, and any other thing because I love them so very much. The pictures of Jentz you sent Mom.... ABSOLUTELY TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!  I love that little guy so much. Keep those pics coming too if it tickles your fancy.  It sure tickles mine!
Vayan con Dios mi familia y sepan que esta iglesia es verdadero! Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y por medio Su Expiacion podemos volver a vivir con Dios en los cielos! Nos Vemos! Les Quiero mucho!!!!! (Go with God my family and know that this Church is true.  Jesus Christ is our Savior and through His atonement we can return to live with God in the heavens.  We’ll see each other—i.e. be seeing you.  I love you all very much.)

Since we don't have a lot of new photos of Elder Jaussi, we'll include this one which was taken the day before Taylor entered the MTC.  He's holding his favorite little buddy, Jentz.  :)