Friday, August 17, 2012

Elder Jaussi's Epistle

Elder T. continues to have a good attitude as he plugs along with the routine of the MTC.  He said that many of the Elders in his district have left for missionary training centers in South America and that they are down to 6 Elders.  His teachers have been replaced with "permanent subs" as one is done teaching and another is on vacation.  We sense that this is a little frustrating for him.  He did mention that one of the substitute teachers, Hermana (sister) Ruiz is from Mexico City, grew up mostly in Texas and is very good.  She also appreciates his "Nacho Libre" humor from the movie, as her fiance is also a Nacho fanatic.
Elders White and Jaussi.  Not sure about the significance of the pose.

His district has set some goals to really focus on speaking the Spanish language and have decided on some self-imposed sacrifices when they don't meet those goals.  He has chosen to sacrifice the speaking of sports during break time and his weekly visit to Sister Cluff if he falls short of his goals.  Hopefully, he will meet them and can still look forward to those diversions!

GQ missionaries??  Good looking crew just the same, especially the one front and center!

T and companion, Elder Juarez chillin' on the temple grounds.

Taylor is still hopeful that their visas come through before Labor Day, their scheduled date of departure.  He wonders if the recent victory of the U.S. over the Mexican soccer team might cause a delay.....but was kidding.  Recently, the Elders assigned to Mexico have not been delayed longer than a day or two.  He hopes that the trend continues.  If it does, that means just a couple more weeks in Provo.

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