Sunday, August 12, 2012

Almost Like Christmas

 We received an e-mail from Taylor on Friday, his camera SD card via Sister Cluff with some new photos and then a handwritten letter on Saturday.  It was almost like Christmas!  He sounds great and seems happy.  He is as handsome as ever in his photos and appears to be enjoying his fellow missionaries and teachers. Taylor still has his sense of humor and it comes through loud and clear in his e-mails and letters. This photo of him and one of his instructors shows that little-kid "smirk" that he has always had.  Love it.

Taylor really is enjoying the letters that he is receiving.  He said, "I love hearing from all of you and thanks for always writing so much to me. My district always gives me a hard time because I get so [many] letters! (Sometimes we have to edit.  The Spanish is starting to corrupt his English a bit!) 

The photo above is of his group when they attended the temple on p-day.  He is scheduled to depart from the MTC on Labor Day, September 3.  He reports that, "There are a couple of elders going to Mexico and they've been here about 8 weeks. Guess what?? They all have their visas! Hopefully this trend continues! Keep that in your prayers! I hope the same happens for me."  We are pretty sure that he is getting good and ready to leave the MTC.

This photo was most likely taken because he would love this "bad boy" of a mower.  It probably reminds him of his days working for Draper City.  He became quite the expert mower there.  :)

This week he has had his testimony strengthened with regard to the Book of Mormon and shared some of the experiences that brought that about.  It is amazing to see the growth that occurs for these missionaries as they dedicate themselves to this work.

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