Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Strange Things are Afoot at.....Dzitbalche"

14 April 2014
Hola todos!! 
This week has been a pretty good one. It's tough finding new investigators however, because almost everyone we talk to already seems to be pretty dedicated in their church. For the most part, [they] go every year or so but we have found more dedicated members [of another church] than I have met in my whole mission.  It's pretty nuts. 
I was talking with Elder R., our zone leader yesterday, and he brought up something really interesting and something I really think we might do. I mentioned that there seem to be churches on almost every corner and every street and he said that we could try to ask the members of those churches where the pastor lives so that we can try and talk with them. He told me of an experience he had when he was waiting on his Visa in Columbia. Apparently they had a little pueblo just like us and there were a lot of churches there as well.  He and his companion started talking with the pastors and they found one that had a church but all along had been trying to find the truth but the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He was baptized along with his 14 members of his flock. Pretty neat right? We're just going to try everything possible here because I have to push it to the limit at this point in the mission. 
Elder Z. and I did exchanges this week and we had a pretty cool experience. There is a ciber we go to to check Mormon.org for investigators and since the first day I have always been talking to the owner and inviting him to different activities.  I invited him to watch conference while we were there this week and when we were about to leave the thought of Elder Ballard's talk came into my head so I did some follow up. I asked him what he thought of the talk (Elder Oaks) and he straight up told me he thought that it was quite apostasy because he didn't use any references to the Bible. This guy (owner of the ciber) is pretty well versed you could say and once again used all the scriptures I have heard at least once. 
Elder Z. started talking back to him and it got to a point where they were going off in crazy Spanish and weird arguments and I kind of felt like it was a lost cause. Then I thought, "We still haven't borne testimony. We've just been using our brains here" I stuck my foot in the conversation and said to the guy that I knew that all the things we taught to be true because God had answered my prayers.  I told him that God would do the same for him but only if he was humble and put aside all his knowledge.  I quoted the scripture in 2 Nefi about it being good to be wise as long as we "hacer caso de los consejos de Dios." Ingles?... give heed to the counsels of God.  After I told him all that he seemed to not have much to say and said that he would be willing to investigate a bit more.  I gave him a book of Mormon and told him what he had to do with it to see if it is true. We'll see if he follows through because he tends to say that he forgets to read and such...Never fear though, we'll keep following up, Elder Ballard!!
Well, time sure went fast today.  Have a superb week and remember... Your favorite Elder loves you all so much!!

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