Wednesday, May 7, 2014

17 March 2014

Guess what?? M. went to church yesterday!! Her son wasn't able to come but she did! Then later last night we had a lesson with her son A. and it turned out really well. He normally just fights with us and has arguments but last night at the end he seemed to be comfortable with everything. We have had to start from square one because he doesn't really believe in God, something that I have never had to deal with so far. He believes in some Higher Force but doesn't know if he should call that God. We read Alma 18 with Ammon and King Lamoni and that helped him a lot and you could really feel the spirit while we were reading. The Book of Mormon is the bomb!! Every question he asked yesterday (resurrection, death, etc.) I was able to answer with the Book of Mormon! Good stuff. It might be quite some time for him to come to church but we're going to keep working with him. In total, they are 4 and we're thinking a lot about what we can do to help them all come to church. Work in progress.  :)
This week we had a zone conference combined with Zona Champotón and it was really great to see other elders, a couple for the last time. Elder C. goes home this next transfer which is sad.  It was a two day conference, all focused on what we call the 8 fundamental principles of teaching. Basically it was two days of practicing teaching. It was really good to brush up on some teaching skills and remember things that I may have been slacking on for the last little while. You would think it would be hard to teach with so many different elders but it was cool to go with the older elders and teach with them. Even when they had never been my companion, it was so easy to teach with them and we were always on the same page. 
           Yesterday I was able to give a talk, encouraging (as always) the members to come join  the ranks. I thought it went pretty well and it was good to hear members telling me that they thought my talk was "poderoso!" (powerful) I don't know why but when I was writing it, things were coming left and right.  Barrio Esperanza is really great.

With Elder C. who goes home the next transfer
 Don Gustavo, a "golden investigator"
 Elders G., A., and O. --Elder Jaussi's "brothers from the Dominican Republic"
 Elders Jaussi and C. with recent convert, J. B.  "He always helps us and is a good man."

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