Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Mascot--Campeche Style"

        This week has been another week of us trying to meet more of the members and let them know that we are there to serve them. I try to tell them like Ammon, that I'm not there for their references, but I will be their servant. The members really are so great here and I'm trying to do all I can to show them we're here to work.  We were planning on having 3 baptisms this week but they all fell through.... ouch.
Bishop V. and the rest of the leaders here in the ward really are great I have to say.  Almost every member I talk to tells me that they are willing to come and accompany us to visits. Unfortunately we don't have that many people to visit so in the meantime we are setting up appointments to visit them and strengthen their faith in the message of the restoration.  
We had a neat experience yesterday. We were eating lunch with members and their non-member brother-in-law was there with us too.  (We went to play tennis with them.) He explained that he didn't like to be pressured and that was basically all he felt whenever the missionaries came to talk to him. We talked over lunch for a bit and then before we left I asked them if I could share something with them. They agreed after I had told J. to not worry, I was just going to give him a nudge and not a push.  I shared the part in the bible where Christ says "blessed art thou Simon... not flesh or blood has revealed it to you..." I don't know why but I have been talking about that scripture a lot lately.  I always explain to every person we teach, "I can't convince you, your parents can't convince you and no other person can. God can and He needs to be the person that convinces you so that it is a firm testimony." The spirit was so strong and I told him that what he was feeling was a manifestation from the spirit that this path was the right one to take. He put his head down to think for a bit but then his wife started talking. I think if she would have waited a little bit more and let the Spirit do the heavy lifting, he might have said something different but he just said that his Catholic traditions were too strong to change right now.  We have a family night planned with them and some of their neighbors tonight though so we'll see how that goes. 
M. was baptized this week after having listened to the Elders for a long time.  

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