Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"I Love Your Faces!"

Hola todos! 
I've said it once and I'll say it again.. I loved seeing you guys yesterday. It was great to catch up on things for a bit and just to chat it up.  If wishes were fishes... I would have loved to talk for a couple hours longer.  
All is well here in Dzitbalché and we're gearing up for another week. Patience is a virtue and I'm trying to be very virtuous this week, that's good right? 
Yesterday in church we had one investigator show up and on Thursday we're going to go with him to see what he thought.  He writes books. He started out one of the visits we had with him last week by telling us that he was [of another faith], it was his tradition, he listens to everyone to be nice, and I could basically sense that he was telling us all that just to say... "Guys, I don't want to get baptized."
We have been focusing a lot on that with investigators and letting them know that we're there to baptize them. It tends to scare most people off but it also helps us see who the sincere investigators are. We were able to talk him down by asking him questions and sharing scriptures with him and at the end of the visit we invited him to come to the church to see if it really was something that God would want him to do. That had him convinced and wouldn't you know, he showed up yesterday!! Yay! Pray for him this week so that everything goes well on Thursday and that he liked church.
This week we really have to focus on trying to get investigators to come to church because if they don't... It will be hard to get them baptized before I leave. Now that investigators have to go to church 5 times, it's even harder it seems.  It was already hard enough with three times! All I am going to do though is work my hardest and trust in God.  It will all work out for the best.  If anything, we are laying the foundation for great things here. :)

Zona Calkini
 Elder Jaussi was able to SKYPE with the family on Mother's Day.  Here, he chats with Aaron, Christa and little Harper

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