Wednesday, June 18, 2014

9 June 2014

Hola todos!! 

¿Cómo les va? Espero que todo esté muy bien. This week rained like crazy and you best be believing I'm all right with that. It's tough because we don't have members to visit or less actives and we just get soaked all day but I'd get soaked by rain one hundred times before I would get soaked by my sweat.  I find myself lately doing all I can to keep my shoes together so that rain doesn't get in by using super glue and the likes but it's not holding up too well.  Likewise, I find myself doing all I can to keep myself from dying like a normal chap and to "die like a shark" instead. As of right now I just try to talk to as many as people as possible even though we don't have many appointments that are "fijas." Pray for me.
Other than the rain we had a pretty good week because we were able to talk pretty directly to a couple investigators and make sure they knew the point of our visits.  J. J., a guy that says he wants double nationality with the Mormons and Catholics told us that he feels like little by little God is answering his prayers and that he feels like a baptism in this church is what he needs. Also, L., a lady we have been teaching for a while is set to be baptized this Saturday! She has been to church 5 times and this week we just need to review a couple things to make sure that she knows the covenant she will be making. As of right now, she seems pretty prepared. Her daughter has been coming with her the last three weeks and she should be baptized on the 28th of this month! 
Every Sunday night we have been visiting the family D. and they are really great. The guy that is standing far left is L. and he is an ex- missionary.  He helps us out once a week and he is a hoot. I like the days that he comes with us. He loves soccer and is stoked for the world cup. 
Last p-day I mentioned that we were going to play soccer with a few people here in Dzitbalché and we sure did! It was really fun and the little kids that live nearby all came out to play as well.
I'm trying to focus on the task at hand and keep thinking about the people and their needs.  I just need to pray more because I tend to "confiar en mi propia experiencia" and not enough in God.  I have been trying to be better with that lately and it's really good stuff. Things tend to work out a ton better when He is driving.  He sure has been good to me. 

Soccer with the ninos last week

 Elders Jaussi and S. with the familia D.
The yard out back before working to clean it up....
 and after
 The last zone meeting

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