Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Church Attendance: A Blessing Indeed" June 2, 2014

Hola todos!! 
¿Cómo estamos? Everything is going just dandy here and we were even able to have 4 investigadores in church yesterday!! It was good for the sacrament because the spirit was really strong.  God is merciful and the investigators liked the meeting. 
One of the investigators that we have found lately is named P. B. and he is a hoot. I love that guy. He is from Chetumal but lived in Belize for some time and picked up some English. I'll have to explain the story of how we found him, relation he has to members in Mérida and all that good stuff later but for now, I'll give you this much. 
He loves baseball and every time we pass by his house he invites us to come inside and watch with him. Such a tempter, that P., but we resist for sure! Ha,ha He can be hard to teach at times because he likes to talk about random things and likes asking us for English advice but he is a good guy. He loves alcohol (we're working on that) and his wife says that when she sees changes in him she is going to accompany us to church as well.  I love visiting him because he is so funny.  He would be a great young men leader. 
Also.... This week it is Sean and Caitlin's birthday soooo.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE BIRDS!!  
We're just living it up as usual here in Dzitbalché.  Tonight we're going to play soccer with some kids here, and L., the member, so it should be fun. The district meetings got changed to the morning so we have all night to clean and to play for a bit if we have time. 
I really like 2 Nefi 28 where it talks about line upon line and that that is the way that God educates us and helps us along. With my personality, I don't like waiting for things or "walking by faith" as Peter says but that way is wisdom for sure.  God really has blessed me by giving me just enough and then when I do my part, He fills in the rest.  I love Jesus a lot. I don't know how else to put it.  Life is good.

Me with my "grandparents" in Hecelchakan doing divisions.  This man, B.,  is 92 and he speaks English.
 "Let's follow this train track to the frontera mis amigos!"
 World Cup sticker book.  Sweet!

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