Sunday, July 29, 2012

MTC Week 3

We received another e-mail from T and he sounds good.  He is feeling better and growing accustomed to the routine of the MTC.  The following are some excerpts from his e-mail:
The daily schedule goes as follows: I wake up at 6:15 so I don't have to take an ice-cold shower. Don't get me wrong, it wakes you up but it definitely wasn't the best way to start things off that first day here at the MTC. Then, we have desayuno (breakfast) at 7:10 and class comes right after that usually from 7:45 to 10:45. On other days it switches in that we have service and gym in the mornings but for the most part we have one three-hour class in the morning and one at night. On the days that we don't have class in the morning, we have two classes after lunch that are split only by our 45 minute dinner.
As far as spiritual, or more missionary topics: The language is coming. Paso y paso pero todo esta bien (step by step but it's all okay). I feel more comfortable with conversation but my grammar is still rough. It will come I know but it can get frustrating. Today in the temple I was praying for an increase in spirit so that I may have el don de lenguas ( the gift of tongues) and the thought came to me (in Spanish no less) "Todo esta bien. Calmate." (Everything is okay.  Be calm) I figure that is a good enough answer for me and I'll take it. It's true though, todo esta bien. (everything is okay.)  We have two "progressive investigators" that are also our teachers and the other day we were teaching about dispensations. "Freddy" said he didn't really understand and all of a sudden I used a perfect analogy, and in pretty much flawless Spanish! It was pretty awesome! It doesn't happen all the time but the Lord gives you little moments of victory so that you keep moving forward I reckon. I have noticed that if I go into a lesson frustrated with my companion or someone else, my Spanish doesn't flow as well so this last week I have done my best to always cool my jets.

I have decided that the best way to improve any relationship here on the mish is just service. Whether it be with a companion, district leader, or whatever the answer is always service. I am a little bit like Grandpa Roberts though in that it boils my blood a little bit when not even a thank you is given. And then I remember that it's not about me! It's okay because I believe if I keep doing stuff like that for the rest of the mission and my whole life I'll get a big "thank you" from Someone Else and that will be good enough for me.

This week we had a devotional (Elder Smith was his name). He talked about all the difficulties that we will more than likely face on our missions and he said to focus on what is making you feel frustrated or discouraged. He said to notice that more often than not it is always thoughts that are self-centered. "I don't like this food." "I don't feel good" "I'm tired" and stuff like that. I think Dad talked to me a little bit about this before I came and it's so true! If I start looking outwards I notice that I'm much happier. Besides, for the next two years it's not realy about me and I kinda like that.

 Sporting the paisley ties.

"Sometimes grown [missionaries] like to wear [dressy pants],  'ees' for fun."  Kind of an inside Taylor joke.  :)

"This is the place?"  We assume he's referring to the "worldly temple"--the BYU football stadium.

 It's obvious that he is still our hilarious Taylor.

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