Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Otro Epistle

Here are a few excerpts from Elder Jaussi's e-mail this week.  He says that they have struggled to find new investigators to teach but that they are working hard and will continue to do so. 
Hola todos!
            This week has definitely been a rough one. My stomach has had a rough couple days and I definitely have a story for you guys when I get home. I won't waste my time and email it to you.
This Tuesday it was Elder G's birthday and I decided I best be doing something superb for him seeing as I'm his poppy!  He absolutely loves Cruz Azul, the soccer team in Mexico (McKay, you should cheer for them.  I am a converted Cruz Azul fan.) So one night when Elder A. and I had to drop off a couple documents to the Zone leaders in the bus station, we snuck off and I bought him a Cruz Azul pillow and a wallet to go along with it.  The morning of his birthday, I woke up ten minutes early and wrote a little birthday note and hid his regalitos (little gifts) in his closet and "went back to bed." When he woke up I wished him a very happy birthday and then we went about preparing things for the day. Then, when I came out of the bathroom he was waiting there with the gifts in his hands with the greatest look on his face. He said "muchas gracias, Elder!!! " and then gave me a big hug. What a guy, what a guy Elder G! I don't know how much it helped make his birthday a good one, but hopefully it did a little bit.

Well fam... I really am scratching for more things to say. Like I said, this week was quite the dry one. We were able to play basketball this morning with a couple guys in the ward but I'm hoping to teach more lessons and find more people soon. That would be super! We'll find them soon though, I just have to keep putting my hombro a la lid, con fervor. (shoulder to the wheel, push along) Keep the prayers coming like I know you are all doing.  I sure do need them.  Just know that I love you guys more than Yucatecans love frijol con puerco!! (beans and pork?) And that is an awful lot, my friends!!!

Love ya!!
Elder Jaussi

Taylor was kind enough to send us a picture of ......his pen along with a simple request that we send him some replacements the next time we get a package together.  We really do prefer photos of our handsome missionary, his companions, the people and country.  Maybe next time.....

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