Monday, February 25, 2013

Changes Are Like My Abs: Really Hard

This is Elder Jaussi's first e-mail from Escarcega, his new area:

Oh fam,

I really miss Valladolid. At first all the new things were really exciting. The new house, (which is awesome and really big) new members, new investigators; but then I started realizing how much I missed all those things in Valladolid. Most of all, I miss being familiar with every street and knowing everything like the back of my hand. We are SO lost here. It makes for quite the adventure when we're looking for people's houses.

Also, yesterday I played piano in the Morelos branch (the other branch has a returned missionary who knows how to play piano) and I had the hardest time playing.... Here in Mexico, every hymn is changed as far as rhythm, notes, and when to end and start.  Let's just say I might be hiding my light under a bushel these next few transfers here because it really is so hard to play. Don't worry though, the lessons will come in handy because the Branch President of Morelos wants me to teach lessons to bring in investigators. We'll see how that goes here in Escárcega.

The heat has also turned up for sure. The humidity is absolutely nuts right now. I thought it was bad in September, but I've heard that isn't anything compared to what is coming in March and April. I have never sweated so much in my whole life, even before we leave the house to go work. Luckily, I read a very helpful article in the Liahona that was in our house given by David A Bednar. In it he talked about how we as members usually associate the Atonement with pure repentance. While that is the major point of the atonement, he says that the Atonement also serves to help us sobrellevar (how do you say that in English?.... sorry! --endure) our afflictions. He gives the examples of Alma when he and his people have to do really hard things at the hand of... Amulon I believe, and also when Nefi prays to have the strength to get out of the chords. Elder Bednar says that it is interesting that in these two instances, the people didn't pray to change the situation, they prayed rather for strength to deal with and overcome the obstacles. So, this week I am going to start praying for the strength to walk all day, and teach all the people in "dee whole world" (Nacho) instead of asking for a cool in temperature. Sounds simple, but the article really made a big impact on me.

All in all, things are going really well and when the stress came this Wednesday I just took a step back and analyzed the situation.  I'm just going to give it my all, no matter what happens.  President actually wrote to me today and said "I hope you are learning to manage the stress of missionary work. It won't ever get easier on the mission but it just teaches you to rely on Christ and God." It sure is the truth! I guess that's the message for today folks, just to use the Atonement for not just repentance (although that is the most important) but to also get through hard times. The atonement isn't just to make bad men good, but to make good men better! Yay!

Well homeboys and homegirls, have a great week and keep on keepin’ on!  I luff ya so much!

Elder Taylor Christian Jaussi

Sea feliz, sea Mormón
Elders Jaussi and G. with Hno. S, Hna. L, L. before he left Valladolid

Elder Jaussi with little buddy,  B., before leaving Valladolid

 We're not sure who the bicycle belongs to.  They travel only on foot, by bus or taxi.

On the streets of his new town, Escarcega.

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