Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Week, Another Peso

Hola todos!

This week has been pretty good, but not as far as numbers go. This Thursday we had interviews with President and that was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I honestly don't remember all we talked about but I just remember that he said everything that I needed to hear.  I had been praying that he would know what to tell me and he sure did tell me that, and more.  We just talked about worries we both had, things we want to improve, and good things like that.  At the end of the interview President said, "Elder Jaussi, thank YOU for this interview. I hope you know that it was just as much for me as it was for you. You and I are very similar and I hope you know that.  Let's go to work, what do you say?" At one point, he was crying as he was telling me of an experience he had a few weeks ago and we just cried together like old friends. My respect and admiration grows for Presidente every time I am with him. He is sooo powerful and is so led by the spirit in anything he says. All in all, it was a great interview and once again the Lord has given me a tender mercy for the week.
               A member in our ward passed away this Thursday and the ward was really torn up by that as can be understood.  He was a guy that lived down the street from us and he came to be a really good friend of ours.  He had cancer pretty bad so it wasn't too surprising but the thing that was hard on his family was that he was getting better and looked like he would pull through.  The family called me Thursday morning to tell us he had passed away and then asked if I would play the piano at his funeral.  I prayed so hard to not have any mistakes so that the music I played would just comfort the family. Once again, the Lord blessed me an awful lot because I played the songs perfectly; some I had never even played before.  Hermano G. was a really good man and his family shared really strong testimony. It is a great opportunity for the family to share the gospel with their extended family members who aren't members. You could tell who was and wasn't a member by the way they looked and acted.  The Plan of Salvation sure does give us hope that "the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ."

I'll tell you what WAS important though!! Mom's birthday!!!!! I went before our lunch appointment and bought a cake so we could celebrate your birthday momma. Everyone commented how much I looked like you when I showed them the picture of you but I assured them that I wasn't THAT pretty!! ;) They all thought your "23 and a few summers" fit. Don't worry, I didn't tell them you are actually 30!

After this story you might just change the subject of this email to "the week of prayers" or something like that. We had to give a talk yesterday in church but we had almost no time to prepare talks because we were so busy with funerals and trips to Tizimin. I feel like I'm going to be transferred next week because I have a lot of time here in Valladolid so I really wanted to say something that would help the ward.  I decided on Saturday night that I would talk about Elder Hales "Being a more Christian Christian" talk and I hoped for the best.  Before I had to give the talk I was praying so hard that the language wouldn't hold me back from saying what I wanted to say.  Let me tell you, I don't know what I'm doing to deserve this from the Lord but he answered my prayer to the utmost once again.  In one moment, I made a pause and there was complete silence in the chapel; something that never happens in Valladolid with the tile floors.  I was talking about Pedro (Peter) when Jesus asked him if he loved Him and how we all needed to ask ourselves the same question. Then I said, "si podemos contestar que yes..." (if we can answer yes) but that was the only Spanish mess-up. Only a tiny bit of English popped in. Haha but really, I felt like I didn’t even have to think about what I wanted to say.  It was really a neat experience for me and really goes to show that I need to lean not upon my own understanding and always be turning to the Lord in fervent prayer.  After the meeting, a couple members came up to me and said how much they enjoyed my talk and really felt like they needed to improve. Good stuff in the V hood.

Then, to put a cherry on the cake A. (convert baptized a few months ago) gave a talk yesterday and let me tell you it was SOOO good. She talked about baptism and shared with everyone her experience and why she got baptized.  It was so powerful and you would have thought that she had been a member from 8 years old.  I felt like a proud parent of my child giving a good talk.  After she was done, I gave her a big thumbs up and she gave me a huge smile and a wink. (Don't worry, it was just a "Somos amigos" (we are friends) wink.)  It really does make it all worth it when you're able to see your converts seguir adelante con firmeza en Cristo. (continue forward with steadfastness or firmness in Christ).  She really is so great. And, we're getting close with her Husband!  I'm hoping he can be baptized this week before transfer because who knows what will happen this next Sunday.  I really want to stay in Valladolid but at this point I'm really just going to be fine with the Lord's will seeing as He has blessed me so much these last few weeks and months really.
             I love you guys so much and hope all is well!  Keep the faith and just know you're always in my prayers. Luff ya!!

Con amor,

Sea feliz, sea mormón

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