Monday, February 25, 2013

New Mission Created

Elder Jaussi and the other missionaries in his mission received a notice from his mission president about the coming changes to the Merida mission.  It will be divided and a new mission, Cancun, will be created.  Pres. Dale B. Kirkham Jr. will preside over the Cancun mission and Pres. Sergio A. Garcia will preside over the Merida mission.  The mission headquarters will be in Merida and Cancun and the change will take place in July.

President Salinas expressed their excitement at the growth of the church there in Mexico and told the missionaries to pray for the incoming Presidents, as they are doing.  He encouraged his missionaries to not become distracted by the upcoming changes, but to continue to pursue their current goals and work.  The decision about which missionaries will serve in each mission has not yet been determined.  Pres. Salinas encouraged the missionaries to not concern themseves about it, that everything would be handled with order and inspiration.

We will see which mission Elder Jaussi will belong to in the coming months.

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