Monday, March 4, 2013

Escarsega--Take Two

Elder Jaussi says that this last week "has been quite potente (powerful-awesome, etc.)."  He and Elder R. had more lessons with members than ever before.  They worked hard and it paid off.  Taylor says that he hopes that he doesn't become a missionary solely concerned with numbers but that he is careful always to try and focus on his real purpose as a missionary.

They had a great some great lessons and among them was one they held at the church.  The Spirit was felt very strongly as they started the lesson with Elder Jaussi playing a hymn on the piano.  They taught a very spiritual lesson on the sacrament and he played again, this time a sacrament hymn.

He held his first District meeting and it went well.  The other missionaries in his district have to travel to Escarsega from Champoton--about an hour away for their meeting.  Taylor said, "I have a good district.  They all work really hard...it's nice to have an obedient district."  Elder H. is from Ohio, Elder Y. is from Chihuahua and Elder R. is from Rexburg, Idaho.

Elder Jaussi is pretty sure that he and his companion are the only "gringos" in the city.  Both are tall (6' and 6' 6") and sort of stand out.  He says, "People will always try to say some common phrases to us in English and I then just start talking to them and get all excited and say things like, 'Oh, do you guys know English?  I have been dying to talk with someone in English!'  The look on their faces is priceless."  He is obviously joking with them.  He and his companion have been asked to continue to speak Spanish 24/7 even though both are Americans.

Taylor loves it there already and feels like he is gaining the trust of the members as well as the investigators.  It has quickly become apparent to the members that T has a sense of humor.  He says he "always likes to ease the situation with a little laughing."

Aside from having another night of sickness and lack of sleep this week, all seems to be well.  These are a few photos he sent this week, outside the chapel there in Escarsega.
Elder Jaussi at the chapel
Elder R. 

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