Monday, April 15, 2013

15 de abril, 2013

Hola todos!!                                                                                   
Before I start the epistle, I'll try to explain the pictures. I have no explanation of me with the pesos in my eyes... but for the others: Sitting with E. in our America jerseys. They are the rivals of Cruz Azul (my team) and he got really mad when I drew Cruz azul stuff on his Dad's car. His dad loved it but E. told me that I wouldn't be his friend until we took a picture together in America jerseys. So I obliged. The other one is me making empanadas when we went to eat with a member. And yes, that glistening stuff on my face is sweat. It is soooooooooo hot here recently. Yesterday it got up to 43 C or so I heard. Just know, it's hot.
This Friday we have an appointment with some members because they found out it was my birthday. At first, I didn't want anyone to know it was my birthday because I just thought "no, I'm just going to work, dang it!" But then I thought, "no, if I don't do something even for 10 minutes I'm going to feel bad the 20th." Haha  And besides, I need to sharpen the saw like Sean says. I need to have balance in everything I do I reckon. I'm just trying my best not to be too frito on my birthday and make sure that I still work really hard that day. You all have my permission to take a day off that day though, how about that?? jaja
          Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'll be thinking about you guys for sure this Friday.  How great that you will make a cake for me!!!! Yay for Lauren. I'll miss her and her excitement for parties that's for sure. A family here invited us to their house this Friday night though because they found out it was my bday. We'll at least have a little party then :) You know me and parties. I luff them!!!
          The English and piano classes are going pretty well as far as teaching goes. Not so much with investigators and finding though.
Well... I'll admit that this week's epistle was not the best one. Forgeeve me? (nacho accent) I'll be sure to send pictures of the fiesta this week and to write more. I wrote a lot to Presidente. Next week I'll write more to you lovely peeps.
 Love you guys so much!!!!!  Con amor,
Elder Jaussi
Sea feliz, sea Mormón 
P.S. Oh yeah... My nephews are so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!! I want to hug them so bad!!!!! What cuties
 Standing on a street in Escarcega 
 Posing with E. in the American jerseys
 Having empanadas in at the home of a member
Pesos over the eyes.....y quien sabe porque.
The cute nephews that Elder Jaussi would love to hug

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