Monday, April 29, 2013


Transfers happened this weekend.  Elder Jaussi has been transferred from Escarcega to Merida to serve in the mission office.

Hola todos!

Yesterday were changes but I received a call I definitely didn't expect. I didn't expect it because training usually lasts two transfers... Elder C. lost it when I told him though and our investigators who we were with when we got the call, M. and his wife, started crying too. I didn't know what to say because I was so shocked but it turns out that I'm the new Executive Secretary in the mission offices. Also, my p-days are Saturdays and not Monday while I'm in the offices.  I'm still not sure what mission I'll be ending up going to. [The Merida Mission will be split in July, making a new Cancun Mission as well as the Merida Mission.]

This week was pretty rough but it turned out to be a good kind of rough. We had interviews with President this Tuesday and he "gave me a talking to."  It ended up being good though because I tried to apply everything he told me and apply my faith more.   He's a great guy and now that he is an area authority he is even more powerful.   He was set apart after conference by Elder Oaks actually.  I don't know if you guys heard the announcement of his calling. After [the interview] he asked if he could give me a blessing and in it he said some really good things. I tried to remember what he said and wrote down in my journal all that I remembered.  Just know I'm being obedient and it had nothing to do with me doing anything wrong. [Maybe Elder Jaussi is being a bit to hard on himself?]

Why do I say the week turned out to be great though? Escárcega is going to have 4 baptisms this week provided that M. stays strong and doesn't smoke.... one of the baptisms we're going to have though is just a huge miracle. An old investigator that always comes to church but doesn't want to commit to anything, came up to us after church and told us she wants to be baptized too this Saturday. So it will be a white out in Escárcega if all goes well. I'll be praying that that ends up being the case. 

I don't really have more time to write because I have to start my training from the old Secretary but I'll have more time on Saturday, ¿sale? I love you guys so much and really do feel that your prayers are what keep me going every day and the Atonement.  Keep sending the cute fotos (photos) of my favorite little guys. 

Well.... I luff you guys!

 Con amor, Elder Jaussi

Sea feliz, sea Mormón

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