Monday, April 8, 2013

Livin' On The Edge...of the Mission, That Is

Hola todos!
 This week has been a pretty good one. Being out on the edge of the mission it was hard for us to get to the stake center for conference but luckily we had every session but the priesthood session in our chapel. The only problem was, we had to bring investigators and we were only able to bring investigators in the morning on Sunday. What I saw was good though! Reeeealllly good! (Nacho Accent) Our bus took about 4 hours to get to Campeche, all standing up because they were short one, yes ONE,  seat but we were able to see the last two talks of Priesthood session. President said it was a rule for us to watch it too so I tried to give us enough time to get there before 6 but it was a no go. It really was superb from what I saw though. At one point I was pretty much bawling. I don't know how to explain the feeling. I really haven't ever felt it before. I missed you guys, I was thankful for all the support you always give me, thankful to the Lord for letting me be here, regretful for all the preparation that I didn't do which I should have, happy for experiences I've had so far, and most of all a determined resolution to be better.  I really need to be a better representative for the Lord. One day at a time though, no?
This week I did divisions with Elder Hauser from Champotón and it was really what I needed. While we were doing divisions, we contacted a reference we received that morning. An old lady came out and she said she would let us come back another day but then out of nowhere her husband came out. Gulp.  He had his big ol' Bible in his hand and he starts off his very friendly conversation with "My wife is already studying the Bible and we will not study that Book of Mormon you guys have. You always start with the bible and then you go to pure Book of Mormon. That book is awful" And things like that.  Finally, when he let me put in my two pesos I told him "If you let us come back and visit you I'll be really honest, we're going to start with the Book of Mormon and end with it. It is the most correct book, even more than the Bible, and if you haven't read it which I know you haven't you can't know that." I was feeling pretty good about that being said and he just kept going on about how awful us Mormons are and at first I wanted to planch him a bit more but DyC 121 popped into my head about the "reprove betimes with sharpness but then show love" So I just told him that as representatives of Christ we were there to give people the opportunity to accept or decline and that all I would leave him was my testimony. I bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon and it was really great. I didn't feel any burning in my bosom, but I just felt really calm and at peace.   
Also, I have officially started giving English and piano classes. The piano classes have brought more people so far but the English class is mostly members. It can be kind of tough teaching piano in Spanish but I really am grateful Mom that you had me stick through with piano. We have a few investigators that come to the class but so far they haven't shown much interest in the religion. This week I told them all at the end of the class that I would be here for as long as the Lord had me and that if all they learned from me was piano, that was fine but I told them my purpose as a missionary was to invite all to come to Christ. I bore them my testimony of His atonement and invited them to conference. I'm going to keep working with them but as of right now, it's all piano. I've decided at the end of every lesson I'll just share a little scripture though.
Oh! I just thought I'd throw it out there that Bro. O'Very looked so good in the Tab choir. What a guy! He looked like he's enjoying it though so good for him! It was also kind of weird seeing a couple of kids that I knew in the priesthood session singing. Crazy stuff.
We're still struggling here in Escarcega to have progressing investigators that are close to baptism but we have one who is dating a member who is set to be baptized the 20th. I always worry for the guys that date members though. I really want him to do this for the right reasons. I'll do all I can to help him though. 
Well, I luff you guys so much and hope you always remember that.  My hour is already up so I must be obedient and sign off!  Have a great week!
Love, Elder Jaussi
T and his companion in their "bunk hammocks."  They have to make do in their small quarters. 
 Elder Jaussi borrowed a machete to try to rid their place of a visiting tarantula.  He ended up using a broom to cause the demise of the creature--the machete seemed a bit too short for his liking.
 The invader.....creepy.
 The Elders from Champoton, who also serve in Taylor's district.
New planner..complete with picture of the Savior and a photo of T and his buddies playing basketball on his 19th birthday before his mission.  Kind of random.
This must have been a beautiful site for our missionary....a basketball court complete with lights.  It made enough of  an impression to be worthy of a photo.

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