Monday, November 19, 2012

19 November 2012


            This week has been pretty potente (awesome). We had almost zero success with investigators with plenty of dropped appointments, dropped commitments, and overall dropped investigators. However, we have been working a lot with the members and I really love it. Every time that we go with the members we learn a lot more about them and I find something more to love about them.  Along with that, after hearing a lesson from us they tell us that they would love to help us out more by going to lessons with us and thinking about friends who would accept the gospel.
            One of the members told us basically all about her whole life and how she felt really bad for having gone inactive a couple of years back.  She is the grandma of C., the niño that I was able to baptize and she told us that she feels like God can't forgive her because she feels that she caused the inactivation of her kids too and that her daughter didn't marry in the church because of her.  Interestingly enough, that morning I read Mosiah 27 which has to be one of my favorite chapters because I feel like it applies to my life pretty well.  In my studies I had no idea why I came upon that chapter because I began studying about Conversion, but I found out with this member. I shared with her the last two verses and told her that she was "bringing about the salvation of souls" and it started with her grandson.  She told me, "muchas gracias, Elder" and we then gave her a Book of Mormon that she wanted to give to a friend.  All in all, working with the members is the way to go even if al principio (in the beginning) we don't have many investigators. We're starting to feel like we have the support of the whole ward now and that they actually want to help us— not that we're burdens in their ward.
            Along with that, we went to visit a recent convert, R.  Her conversion story is really neat because her husband is really, really Catholic and she was pretty anti-Mormon too. We went to share a scripture with her and her family but let me tell you, I was so scared because her husband is pretty intimidating.  Then the quote by Elder Eyring popped into my head that says something like "The Lord is preparing people to hear you BOLDLY declare your testimony" or something like that... We went in and I shared a scripture but then I challenged the whole family to pray that night to know if this church was true and invited them to church, something I definitely hadn't planned on doing.  The next day at the church I didn't really expect to see them there (oh ye of little faith, eh?) but lo and behold, here came Hermana R. with her daughter.  Apparently her daughter has always wanted to come to church but had been too scared of what her dad would say to her.  After we left, she asked her mom if she thought their dad would let her go and R. said that she (A.) needed to ask.  As you can guess, he said it was fine! This Sunday we talked to her and asked if she would want to receive the discussions and even the bold Baptismo question... she said yes to both!  We're going to be working with her this week, and hopefully soon her dad will come through.  
           Yesterday was the presentacion de los niños  (children’s program) and let me tell you, it was so for cute!! Hermana R.'s grandson R. is such a cute little guy and he was one of the fun ones to watch. You know, the ones. He lives close to our house and he always waves to us when he walks by the park where we go running. You'll have to look up "Tazos" on the internet because I always play tazos with him.  Somos amigos. (We are friends) (That's my go-to phrase with everyone we teach.  If there's ever a tense moment after an invitation or if they don't feel comfortable I just say something like, "Puede hacerlo! Somos amigos ¿no?" (You can do it!  We’re friends, right?) Elder V. gets a kick out of that when I say it)
            Have a great Thanksgiving week and be sure to eat some pumpkin pie for me... ah....... (drool on the keyboard)  I'll be sure to eat some frijoles for you and some rice!! And possibly some soup made by Nacho!  I love it!  It's the beyst!!

 Vaya bien!  Con amor,

Taylor, Tay, Elder Jaussi, Elder Howsee
--Sea feliz, sea Mormon (Be Happy.  Be a Mormon)
 Elder V. and I with N. G., our little amigo, wearing one of my nametags. He is the son of the ward mission leaders. They are probably my favorite family in the ward. They're so great!!

 Me surrounded by angels and by Jesus like it says in DyC 84.  President gave an awesome lesson with the cardboard cutouts. It was superb!

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