Sunday, November 4, 2012

Letter from the President

We received a very nice letter from President Salinas, Taylor's mission president along with this photo taken (we assume) when arrived in Mexico in September.  Pte. Salinas seems like a very nice man and expressed his desire to help his missionaries be successful.  Some of the things that he said were:

Remember when writing, to encourage and express the feelings that the Spirit puts in your heart.  Explain to him the spiritual progress that you are making while he is serving the Lord, and ask him to share with you some of his spiritual experiences.  Be positive and help him focus on the mission.  These 2 years are very important for him as a missionary, future father, and leader of the Church.  He will have great experiences, many challenges and temptations that he will encounter for afflictions.  But just as the Lord comforted Joseph Smith by saying..."all these things shall give thee experience,...he also will learn from his own experiences.

Encourage him to press onward and support him in the difficult times.  The life of a missionary is not easy, and one should not think it is, but by trusting in the tender mercies of the Savior, He will make our burdens light."

Pte. Salinas goes on to tell us that "he will be our son and as our son we will love him and be mindful of all his needs."

It appears that Taylor is in very good hands.

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