Monday, July 29, 2013

20 Julio 2013

This week Elder Jaussi tells us that he has had the opportunity to pray with the mission president and assistants about assignments in the mission and that he has enjoyed his interaction with them there in the office.  He said, "At the end President asked us, 'How do you feel? Is this what the Lord wants?' We all felt that it was, so we went along with the decision.  It was really neat because it helped me understand one of the ways that the Spirit talks to me:  I just feel really happy."

The two investigators that they began working with last week have fallen from their teaching pool. One was interested mostly in financial help and the other turned out to live outside of their area.  They will give M.'s information to the missionaries where he lives and Taylor hopes that he will continue to progress.

Elder Jaussi went on to say, "I have been reading talks and doing personal study from the Book of Mormon. One is by Henry B Eyring entitled Act in all Diligence and the other one is by Jeffrey R. Holland entitled Missionary work and the Atonement. There is a video that was on a DVD we have here in the mission that has pieces of those two talks...it is pretty powerful. I read those two talks this morning and they are so awesome. Henry B. Eyring's talk gave me some much needed energy and it really had some good stuff. He talks about after the Savior finished His work here on the earth He could have taken some time to rest. After all, He had just saved all mankind from the two things that impede us from returning to our Heavenly Father. If anyone has earned a few minutes of rest, it was Him. However, we know that He went instead to the spirit world and started organizing the mission work there! "
"I really want to follow His perfect example in everything I do, especially with my efforts here in the mission. I don't want to waste one minute being slothful or not working as hard as I know I should. I want to be able to tell Him that I've given it my all when the buzzer sounds..."

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