Monday, July 29, 2013

Bueeeeennnnoss Dias!

13 July 2013

 Hola todos!

It has been quite the great week.  This Sunday after church, our ward mission leader and his sister invited a friend to their house to listen to us and we had the most powerful lesson. At first, I had the idea to just talk about the Restoration but for some reason I kept feeling like we should talk about Christ and his gospel. We changed the plans and it turned out to definitely be the Spirit telling me to change the lesson. The Spirit was so strong in the lesson and I just wanted to hug everyone in the room because I felt so happy.  I can't remember ever feeling exactly like that.  M., the investigator, accepted all of the invitations we gave him, to pray, come to church, read, etc. He said he would accept a baptismal date if God answered his prayers but wasn't too sure about the baptism thing.  A miracle happened yesterday though. 

We were talking to our ward mission leader and he told us that M. passed by his house to visit his sister. When he was there he told them that he was sure that he wanted to get baptized. He wants to finish hearing all of the lessons but he said he really wants to get baptized. Pray for us please that we are able to continue teaching him with the spirit and that he is able to do all the things necessary to get baptized. (Such as stay away from temptations, jobs that work Sunday....) I am pretty excited for him because he said that he wants his mom to hear the lessons too.   

Also, the other day we were walking around with no one to visit and out of the corner of my eye I saw an older man sitting in front of his house with his foot wrapped up in ace bandage.  I felt like we should go visit it him and it turns out he is a nice old guy. He just had his toe removed because he has diabetes (something that happens so much here in Mexico) and he is really lonely. We went back to visit him yesterday after leaving him a pamphlet of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and when we asked him if he had read, he said he read it all. I wasn't so sure of that at the beginning but then when we asked him what he had read, he definitely knew what he read. When he passed me the pamphlet, I saw in the back that he had even written answers to the questions that appear at the end. We invited him to be baptized the 3rd of August and he said he would because he wants to follow Christ and serve Him for the rest of his life. I shared with him Mosiah 18 where it says something like "Si éste es el deseo de vuestros corazones, ¿qué os impide ser bautizados?" (if this be the desire of your hearts, what have you against being baptized…) and I put his name in the question and he said, "Well nothing really. I want to get baptized.  The only thing is, I need crutches because I can't walk."   We set the baptismal date and then we ran to a member's house to find crutches. Tomorrow we're going to pass by his house so we can bring him to church with us.  Pray for him too, because he really does seem golden.  

Things are going well here in Centro and even with all of the days without any appointments, and no one letting us come in (even members) the Lord sure is merciful with us and gives us great moments here and there.  It really is difficult sometimes but I don't know how to explain it... I'm happy.  Things are good.  I love Mérida.  President Garcia and his wife are so very nice and I am so blessed.  I almost feel like Laman and Lemuel for how often I complain when the Lord keeps sending me my own "angels" so that I stop complaining. 
Baptism of N. in Hunucmá.
  We have to rent a pool because the house we rent as the chapel doesn't have a font. As soon as the baptism is over, all of the kids jump in as fast as they can! Good stuff.
Cotton candy tower with Hno. A. in Hunucmá.  He is the counselor that leads the services there in Hunucmá.  He is also the reason that Hunucmá is going to have missionaries next week permanently. He is working so hard and really wants the members to succeed there.
A silly sign that is close to our house. 

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