Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11 Noviembre 2013

Elder Jaussi reports that this past week was a bit rough due to the fact this his companion, Elder C. was really sick and had doctor's orders to stay at home.  They were in for two days but then tried to hit the ground running once he started to feel better. 

He said that he has tried to be as prayerful as he can lately and that he had a good fast on Sunday.  At times he feels like Nephi in Helaman because it makes him sad to see how hard-hearted some people can be.  There are a lot of days when it seems like there isn't anyone in their area that would be willing to listen to them.  Even with all that, they are "chugging along and doing all that they can."  The previous day they had found two people who accepted baptismal dates and they will continue to work with them.

A bright spot for them has been the purchase of an American football that they can take to a nearby soccer field to toss around in order to shake up their exercise routine.  They have high hopes of gaining permission and putting together a "turkey bowl" for their zone in honor of the American Thanksgiving holiday.

They held a recent zone meeting and this is a photo that was sent of a "zone flag" they had made.  He said a "coa" is a small cutting stick that they use there to chop weeds.  They had substituted it for "sickle" as it is used in the scriptures.


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