Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November 18 Through December 9, 2013

Elder Jaussi has had some amazing experiences in the last few weeks.  He has seen several people be baptized and even had the opportunity to give a name and a blessing to little boy of a newly-baptized member.  He and Elder C. have also been blessed with investigators attending church and having the assistance of members in their area. 

On Nov. 18 he said, "I must say that I really am enjoying myself and even though the mission honestly is still something that is really hard for me, I feel like I have forces that I never had before.  I know where they come from too.  I have been, as Isaiah says, 'borne on eagles' wings'.....I know honestly that God only requires our best effort, not a perfect one.  Every day I try to do my best to thank Him for letting me enjoy the ride and realize that He blesses us always but only on HIS time."

He said that the members tend to call me "Elder Jacinto" because they get stuck between Elder Juicy, Jasi, Howsee and some even tend to give up when they see my name and just look at me like 'Is this some kind of joke, kid?'....We are working on the pronunciation though, because I'd rather be remembered as Howsee or Jasi..."

Members in their area that really help with the work
 An early Thanksgiving dinner with new member, A., her husband, F. and D., the baby that Elder Jaussi was able to bless
 Going to church
 The Elders removed the temptation for an investigator as she came to accept the Word of Wisdom.  Here Taylor holds the contraband along with a "Palabra de Sabiduria" pamphlet.
 Their "turkey bowl"
 One of their investigators, C., who joined them for football.
J. T., a member in Merida
  Elder Jaussi had this to say when he sent the photo below:  
It really was a great week this week. We were able to baptize E. and her three kids and it was grrrrreat!! All of her kids were so excited and so was E.. [She] got baptized first with all of her kids and even her husband watching. Then, her kids went one by one.  The smallest son kept saying "Me next, me next!" but we waited to baptize him last. L.L., who lives two doors down from them baptized them all and it was really neat. He and his wife have been good friends with them for a long time and they were happy to finally see them get baptized. B., the wife of L., was a really good help for E. the whole time we were teaching her. Now, we are working with her husband but that could take a little while longer... Faith though, right?? 
The spirit was really strong when E. was baptized. This was something she has wanted to do for a long time but because of a strong [religion in her] family, she has always been scared to do it. Now whenever we see her you can really tell a difference. She smiles a whole lot more and she is always so happy to see us. She really is a good example of how the gospel can change people.  Elder C. and I also sang "I'm trying to be like Jesus" in Spanish and English.

"I can see a rainbow, see a rainbow...."
 A pretty sky over Merida
 Saying good-by to fellow missionary, Elder H. who was completing his mission

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