Wednesday, December 18, 2013

C. Se Bautiza!

 Hola todos!!

As you can see by the very creative title line, C. got baptized this week! It was really great because he really has changed a lot since the first time we met him. Apparently his family is coming soon from Mexico City too and he says he is already working with them so they can be baptized here with him. The baptism was going to be on Saturday night but when we got to the stake center there wasn't any water.... We had to just call it off and wait for after the services to baptize him on Sunday. The only bad thing was that he'll have to wait until next sacrament meeting to be confirmed. He is a really great guy though!

This week we had a really neat experience with a family we are teaching. The family situation is a bit complicated: single mom M. with her two sons A. and H., her sister N. and her newborn daughter, and M.'s 18 year old daughter with her 3 year old daughter.... The Family; a Proclamation is definitely applicable here, right? Anyways.... we found them because A. is a good friend of our ward mission leader's son and he always wants us to visit them. The other night we were verifying to see if they had read the Book of Mormon and when they told us they hadn't, we decided it would be best to read it with them. We decided to read 3 Nefi 11 and we slowly analyzed the whole story and what was happening. Suddenly, H.touched his chest and said, "What is this that I'm feeling?" He along with his little brother and aunt commented to us that they felt different and when they described to us the feelings, we told them that it was they Holy Ghost. The more we talked about it, the more the spirit was felt in the room. It was really neat! They weren't able to go to church yesterday but we're hoping that this next week they can be able to go. They definitely could benefit from the gospel. 
We also had a zone conference this week that was pretty good. I like seeing my buddies from other areas.  The picture I am sending is of all the elders from the three zones and Pres. and Sister Garcia. It was their grandson's 7th birthday so they decided to send him a picture of his "heroes." 
The area that we are in right now is really growing pretty quickly and because of the distance from the church (the division lines here are really weird) we are trying to talk to the stake president to see what we can do. Unfortunately there are a few families that would go to church but most have to take two buses, something that they can't afford, especially with families of 6 or 7. In other areas, they split the ward as far as Sunday meetings but just have one counselor that sees the divided area and the Bishop watches over the two areas. That is what they did in Hunucmá and so we're trying to see what can be done here in Villas Del Oriente. It would be very awesome to have a house of prayer. Something like that would really open things up here even more. I understand however that there are more technical things that have to be seen and for that we're just going to talk to the Stake Pres. about it to see what he thinks.
Well my dears, I hope you all have a superb week and that you're all singing Christmas songs loud for all to hear! 

Con amor, 
Elder Jaussi
Sea feliz, sea Mormon

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