Friday, December 14, 2012

December 10, 2012

No new photos to post but this is from the latest e-mail:


Ha sido una semana tan ocupada. Hemos trabajado tan duro y he (It has been a very busy week.  We have worked very hard and I have) found out that it is hard to change from writing to President in Spanish and then to you gringos like me.
This week we have been working a ton with the less actives. In our planners we used to have a key indicator of just how many lessons we had with them but now President added a column for how many attended church. Y ¿saben qué?  (You know what?) We had 9 less actives at church this week!!! That, along with 4 investigators made me pretty happy. The only problem is that our investigators don't have much desire to be baptized and A. is still having a rough situation with her papa. It's all good though, because I'll take what I can get.
I don't know if I told you guys this story but we were with A. and her family one night and we were about to start the lesson. Just before we started to sing the hymn I invited her dad to sing with us and this is what he said more or less, "Elder, nunca JAMÁS me invite a cantar, hablar, ni sentarme con uds. Uds pueden hablar con mi hija y hacer como quieran con ella pero nunca jamás hablaré con ustedes, ¿sale?" (Elder, never EVER invite me to sing, speak, sit down with you.  You can talk with my daughter and do what you want with her but never again will I speak with you.  Okay?) I was pretty shell shocked for a bit, but can you guess what I said? "Bueno. Todavia somos amigos, ¿verdad?" (Okay.  We’re still friends, right?) Ha!!! Killin’ him with love. I didn't say it in a sassy way though and he kinda softened a little bit and said, "Claro, pero no voy a hablar todavia" (Of course, but I’m still not going to talk) Oh well, one day we'll break through to him! We'll see what we end up doing as far as the baptism for A. though.
The hammock is treating me quite nicely and I've just about got the hang of it. It's still a little different and I would definitely prefer a bed but I'll just take the blessing of being able to sleep for now. The food is just fine, albeit a bit weird but I think I can beat McKay in a spicy food eating contest. Habanero is a pretty rough pepper. As far as the stress goes, it's still there but I'm afraid that Taylor Christian Jaussi would cease to be Taylor Christian Jaussi without stress. It's not too bad though and all systems are a go still.
This last Monday I received a ton of mail, all from the fam and it was all great!! All in all, thanks again everyone so much for the letters. I am still basically a greenie though, so let's not have this trend stop any time soon okay? Deal. (Oh! Mom- I got your Halloween letter finally and you told me about you wearing my Terrell Davis jersey. Way to go!!!! That is COMPLETELY all right and I am glad you could wear that baby with pride. Go Broncs!!!)
All in all, things are going just well here in Valladolid even though investigators sure are hard to come by. The good thing is though, at the end of the day I can feel good telling the Lord that I have done everything in my power. We're working really hard and being obedient which is all we can do really. I'm sure investigators will come, even if they happen to come for future elders here.
I hope all is well and I hope you are all blasting FM 100 Christmas music in memory of me. Man I miss good Christmas music. Sing your lungs out too during all the songs, ¿sale, vale? Muy bien!! (Okay?  Great!)
Con amor,

Elder Jaussi, Tay, T, Taylor

Sea feliz, sea Mormón

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