Monday, December 24, 2012

Feliz Navidad


Hola todos, here goes yet another weekly epistle from your favorite missionary.  This week has been pretty calm, even with all of the "fin del mundo" (end of the world) stuff going on the 21st.  I had a funny encounter with a guy from Poland on Thursday actually.  I was waiting in the ADO (bus station) for the other elders to arrive so we could buy tickets to Cancun (we're going to Cancun for ANOTHER conference) and this tall white guy walked towards me and sat down next to me.  I smiled at him, and gave him a wonderful "Buenos dias" because you can never be so sure if a white guy is actually from Mexico and will get offended if you speak English to him. Anyways, (NA) he began the conversation by asking me in accented-English if I was "like a missionary or somesing."  We began talking and it turns out he had never heard of the Mormons. He began to tell me that he was from Poland and was planning on going to Chichen Itza to see the end of the world "or some sort of happening...." After the "getting to know you's" I gave him and a couple other of his friends the lesson of the Restoration more or less, something which is actually kind of hard to give in English now... He would stop me every now and then and throw in a piece of his mind, all of which was quite whack to say the least.

They didn't seem too interested in the lesson but were definitely interested in arguing with me.  However, at one point the guy from Poland told me that he hoped to feel "some sort of energy" (yes, this guy was a little bit interesting) while he was at Chichen.  I asked him what that meant because I wanted to know what he was trying to get at and then he said, "I don't know, something like how I feel right now talking to you.  I feel really good" Talk about a shock!  I began to talk to him about the Holy Ghost and how he testifies to us when messages are true and that that was what he was feeling. He didn't seem too convinced though and went on talking about his "energy" he was hoping to find at Chichen.  He told me that if nothing happened at Chichen he would like to learn more so I gave him a pamphlet with the number of the missionaries in Cancun, where he is currently living.  Who knows what will happen with that guy but you never know right?  One thing is for sure, no such "happening" occurred here in the land of the Mayas.

Our zone leaders sure took advantage of the 21st and all the end of the world talk.  In the morning on the 21st, they called us and told us that we needed to stay inside the house all day because of all the hubbub going on.  That kinda got me worried because I wasn't too excited about the idea of studying all day and staying in the house, but not too worried. The thing that got me worried was when they then told us that if anyone dressed in black came to our house asking to come in, we shouldn't open the door. You best believe I was scurred (scared) when they said that!  They were joking though so there was no problem, just a little scare from this wimp. You all know how much I love scary movies!!! NOT

I'll probably tell you all more about this tomorrow but the conference that we had with president was really great.  He talked to us about teaching more with the spirit so that we could teach people and not just lessons.  This week I have been trying to use a lot of the things I learned at the conference.  At the beginning of the week it was really hard to be honest, but it has gotten better.  In fact, we had a lot of really cool experiences with something we call "inspired questions." (Anyone preparing to go on a mission should start studying about them, Chapter 10 of PMG talks about asking questions.)  Last night for example, we went with a reference and after the lesson we invited her to be baptized.  I felt like the lesson wasn't that great and I wasn't feeling like we should ask her to be baptized, but Elder G. went ahead and asked her.  After giving us an affirmative no, I started praying really hard to know what questions I should ask her.   I really don't remember what I asked her exactly but at the end of the lesson she said she would get baptized but wouldn't give us a date.  I left her with my signature "somos amigos" and the tense situation turned into one of love fo sho!  We'll see what happens with her, no, she's going to get baptized, but all in all those inspired questions are pretty darn useful.  Preach My Gospel talks about how the Savior used questions to teach better and I really like that way of teaching.  Sometimes, I find that the investigators know all of the things they should be doing and are excited to find out that what they should be living is the message that we're bringing.  If that makes sense....

And now to a more worldly story: yesterday we went with a member to give him a Book of Mormon because he wanted to give it to a friend. We talked to him for a bit and as we were starting to leave his 2 year old son Br. (SUCH a cutie, but don't worry too much Jentz!) brought us two little regalos (gifts) . They had us open them up, two new ties, and then told us that they hoped we had a great Christmas. Samuel, the dad (he's one of my favorites in the ward) then invited us to go eat with them tonight but because Elder G. is going to call his family tonight S. said he would just bring the food to our house.  I really wish I could hug some of these little kids and wives sometimes because giving them a hand shake to say thank you doesn't quite do it for me.  I was sure to give S. a big hug though, and he said "Elder Jaussi, me cae bien. Me recuerda de uno de mis compañeros." (no real direct translation—just that he likes him and that he reminds S. of one of his companions) Somos amigos (we’re friends), that's for sure. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you more about him and his family.

Well my dear family and friends, I'm afraid that is it for today.  I'll send some more business e-mails off to Mom but that about does it for this week's epistle.  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, but better yet a Feliz Navidad!  Let's all remember why we celebrate this time of year, and utilize the Atonement of Him who makes this time of year so special!!!  I testify to you all, as a representative of Jesus Christ, that the Atonement is real.  I honestly don't understand why or how it works, but one thing I do understand and that is that it does just that: it works.  Sure, I have SO MUCH work to do but only through Christ's atonement can I do all the things I'm able to do here on the mission.  Phil 4:13 all day baby.  If you're not using it, start using it! If you are using it, keep it that way!

God bless us, every one! 

Tiny Tay

But in all seriousness, Merry Christmas everybodies!! Or as a very cute little kid once said on home video "Mash Kapush!"

Con amor,

"Y hablamos de Cristo, nos regocijamos en Cristo, profetizamos de Cristo y escribimos segun nuestras profecias, para que nuestros hijos sepan a que fuente han de acudir para la remision de sus pecados." 2 Nefi 25:26  (
And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we bprophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.)
Elder Jaussi's companion, Elder G. from Mexico City.

Elder G, feeling a little bit cold while ironing this morning.

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