Monday, August 12, 2013

“And Then There Were Three”

Hola todos!!                                                                           10 Aug. 2013
           This week has been just dandy I reckon. Nothing too crazy this week either but it is all good in the hood. Thursday night a member who is recently married (well, two years and just had a cute little baby) and just moved into the ward invited us over to his house so we put an appointment to visit him. I wasn't sure what he wanted or what he needed but it turns out he just wanted to introduce his little fam to us and to feed us.  It was really weird because that has never happened to me but it was really nice.  He is a really great guy and he has been accompanying us to lessons this week.  
Yesterday Elder R. got his replacement here in the offices and his name is Elder H., so we are now in a trio. Elder R. will be training him in all his office duties until he goes home the first week in September.  Elder H. is pretty quiet (the trend keeps on keepin’ on) but he's super nice. He is from Mesa, Arizona and he has about nine months on the mission. He will continue to be my companion for the next transfer seeing as I have one more transfer here in the offices according to president.
Yesterday we were able to have two lessons with a member and in both of them the Spirit was really strong. We started out the first lesson by singing #57 in the Spanish hymn book (sorry don't remember which one that is) and at the end of the song, M. the investigator was crying.  He has had a rough go these last few months and he is really lonely because his wife left him.  He accepted a baptismal date for the 31 of August too!!! 
After that lesson we went with the first counselor in our ward and his wife to another lesson with A.  He still has a lot of good questions and has even started to read his Book of Mormon more!! (That always seems to be key in conversion) We bought him The Book of Mormon on CD so that he will listen to it in work and he was really excited about that. We talked a bit more about baptism but mostly addressed his questions and concerns and at one point, M. the counselor, bore his testimony about the need to be baptized. After he was done I felt like we needed to put a firm date for A. and he accepted to be baptized on the 24th if he receives an answer to his prayers; prayers to know if this church really has the authority and is the only true church.  I'm going to keep praying for him so that he is able to receive but also to recognize his answer.
Things are looking up with the few investigators we have here in Centro and good ol’ N. is still as great as ever. He always gets the biggest smile on his face when we go to his house and I do to.  He is definitely one of the prepared people because he has had so many other missionaries teach him in years past.  He has a big liking to coffee so we'll have to keep working with him on that so he can be ready for the 24th.  We're looking to "White out" that day if you catch my drift!!! 
On to secular things, immigration is a big pain in the booty these days because it turns out that we have to do paperwork for every foreign missionary because we changed addresses. Every missionary uses the offices as their address and seeing as we changed to the new offices I have to do "tramites" (who knows how to say that in English - paperwork) for every missionary to change it. 
I luff you guys lots and lots and am glad to hear all is well.  Thanks for the continued letters and support.
 Elder S., Elder Jaussi and Elder R.
Elders R. and Jaussi with investigator, N.
 Elders Jaussi and R. with the M. M. family

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