Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Until Next Week....

Hola todos!!

Checking in from good ol’ Mérida, soy el Élder Jaussi!! I am sad to say that N. my friend won't be able to get baptized today. We went to visit him Sunday night after church and it just so happened that some old friends of his brought fish and... cerveza (beer)!!! Aww yeah, so when we were verifying commandments and things that we have taught he told us what he had done. When I told him he would have to wait a week to get baptized, the look in his eyes almost killed me. He said, "No... But it was just a tiny glass. I won't ever do it again!" As we say in Spanish, "Me dio mucha ternura. "(it gave me a feeling of endearment, tenderness) But we had to be firm with him. We talked about repentance and the importance of living the commandments 100% and not just to be baptized so I think it was actually a good thing that it happened.  He really understands the process of repentance and now he understands that the word of wisdom is a whole life thing, and not just for before baptism. He sure is a cute little guy. I wish you guys could meet him.  He does this little chuckle after he makes a sly comment that makes me laugh pretty good.  What a guy! I'll send pictures for next week though, don't fret. 

In other news, we have been informed that Elder Johnson, the president of Mexico Area will be coming to visit the mission at the end of the month. We'll have to have everything in tip-top shape here in the offices and in the mission for when he comes. One good thing will be that we will probably have a whole mission conference. I really like those because I can see everyone. I haven't been able to see Elder R. for a long time because he isn't very close to Mérida. 

Elder H. and I are really thinking hard what we can do so that we can get things really rolling here in Centro. We're going to invite EVERYONE and their dog (and they are many) to N.'s baptism and I'm thinking that will get some people excited. I know I am!!! In my blessing that President Salinas gave me he told me that "my love for the people of Latin America would allow me to serve them in callings in my life" and I really have felt that love these past few weeks. I didn't really know why President said that because I always felt like I was impatient and not loving enough but I have recognized that I just love the culture here. Sure, it's not my beloved land of the United States but I recognize that they really are amazing children of God. That has been something that has helped me out the last month or so and that President likes focusing on: we are all children of God and that He wants us to return to Him but also become like Him. Keeping that in mind has helped me love people no matter what their faults are. Besides, I can feel God's love for me all the time and I'm a goober with a whole bunch of faults so I should do the same. 

Even with the lack of success here and amount of frustration or discouragement that I sometimes feel, I really love it here. I truly am blessed.  I love you all and hope you have a superb week!
Con amor,

Elder Taylor Christian Jaussi




  1. I was so excited to find your blog today! We are also from the Salt Lake area and my daughter has been called to serve in the Merida Mexico mission leaving October 16!

    Any advice you could give us about Merida and things she may need?

    We have enjoyed looking at his pictures and getting a little glimpse of Mexico and the places she will serve for the next 18 months!

  2. Actually, would you mind sending me an email? I have a few questions about sending packages and things. I promise not to bombard you with a ton of questions!

    My email is kwill81012@yahoo.com

    Thanks so much!