Sunday, August 18, 2013

There’s a Storm A Comin’…Wait, Jokes, Jokes..

Hola todos!!
       It has been quite the calm week this week.  As has been the case the past few, nothing too extraordinary happened.  Everyone said that a hurricane was going to hit this Friday but it just ended up raining almost all day. False alarm... Yucatecas tend to exaggerate when it comes to the rain. You'd think with it raining here for most of August to October they wouldn't mind the rain but they must have seen Wizard of Oz a lot of times because they think that the rain will make them disappear or something... Pero bueno, long story short it is just raining a lot and turning the streets into rivers. The drainage system isn't so great here so that is what happens. We can't have bikes or cars but it doesn't say anything about not having boats in the mission manual!!! We start construction on Monday. Jota ka jota ka (Taylor's Spanish equivalent of jk, or just kidding)
N. is still going strong with his baptismal date and he is so excited. We tried to move his baptismal date up because he is ready, he has enough times in the church and everything but then he said, "I don't think I'll be ready." I got a little scared because I figured he would say that to us every week before his baptism but then he said, "It's that I need to make my white pants still. I bought white fabric but I still haven't made the pants!! And besides, I told all my kids that I'm getting baptized the 24th!!" After that he gave his little shrug he always does and did his little chuckle. Oh, that guy is so great.  Keep praying for him so that he stays strong because his coffee was his best friend for 20 years. He hasn't taken it ever since we taught the word of wisdom but more prayers never hurt, right?
We had zone conference this week with President and he gave us all Books of Mormon and Crayola twist pencils so that we could mark them. We are going to mark every time it talks about 1- faith in Jesus Christ, his atonement, the likes, 2- Repentance 3- Baptism 4- Endure to the end, commandments 5- Wickedness, complaining, bad stuff... I'm really excited about it and even though I had to start over again after being in Ether (So close!!) it will be really good. President wants us to read 30 minutes every day because he says that an apostle has said that that will help us to overcome any temptation that comes our way. 
That being said, the thought came to me this week while I was reading. You all should do the same thing. Read 30 minutes every day from the Book of Mormon and color it with certain topics, according to your needs.  Dad, Mom I was thinking you could do it in your mission language!!! That would be Neature neat right? That really is the one thing that helped me learn Spanish a lot faster. It still helps me, really. The others who don't necessarily have a mission language can do the same or read side by side like good ol’ John Groberg to learn a new language!! Haha but... I recognize I'm not your leader so this isn't an assignment I'm giving you.  
I just feel like it is something that will really help us to all overcome temptations, have stronger testimonies, and to draw closer to God.  Start at the introduction though, because that has some good stuff in it too.
To close I will tell you all about a crazy experience we had today.  We had just finished eating with some members and then the 30-year-old daughter who has been starting to be more active in the Church said she needed to talk to us.  She told us about some scary stuff (like Satanic) that she got involved in a long time ago and even before she started, she was tearing up and you could definitely feel like something was wrong and that it was a different spirit that entered into the room.  I was kind of scared but after listening we told her that we weren't the people to confess this stuff to, she told us she already talked to the bishop and wanted to receive a blessing from us.  She said that she always feels something really strong when we go to her house and she felt like a blessing from us would be the answer.  I'll have to write the rest in my journal to tell you all later but for now I'll leave it at this, we gave her a blessing and while I was talking it just all felt so powerful.  I realized that Satan really has no power and that God's power that we have in this church is so POTENTE!!!  I wish I could understand the priesthood better and that I had understood it better when I was younger but I really have a stronger testimony about it.  I've learned from Elder V. (senior missionary recently transferred to Cancun mission) that blessings aren't what we feel like the person needs to hear but rather we ask God what He wants the person to hear.  I have been trying to apply that to my blessings I am able to give and have noticed a difference.  Good stuff.  After we left she felt better and we left her with the assignment to read her Book of Mormon and even do her family history!  (Can I get a cheer, Grandma Jaussi?)  jota ka, jota ka.
Well, time is too short right now!  I hope you all have a great week and know that I love you lots and lots!!
Elder Taylor Christian Jaussi
Sea feliz, sea Mormon
Check out the sky!
Elders R. and H. having a little siesta while sitting up.
Elders R. and Jaussi at a temple entrance gate
 Gate to the Merida Temple
Ward member, R., current investigator, N. and Elder Jaussi at Church

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