Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just Another Week in the Selva (Jungle)

Hola todos!!
This week was another really good one and we had a lot of success as far as lessons go. Elder C. is a workaholic and I really like that about him. We were still struggling this week to find a teaching groove together but I think we have found it. We had a lot of really powerful lessons this week, ones that strengthened my testimony for sure. 
In one of the lessons we were talking about the Restoration and at the end, Elder C. invited E. (our investigator) to kneel down and ask if Joseph Smith was a prophet. She did so and while she was praying the spirit was really strong. At the end she said, "I feel something right here..." as she pointed to her chest and then she couldn't finish what she wanted to say because she was choking up. She said she felt something she had never felt before and knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet. It was tough teaching her at first because she couldn't differentiate between praying to God and to the Divino Niño (Divine Son) but we explained prayer earlier this week and now she prays like a champ. She and her two kids came to church yesterday and now we are working with her husband. Unfortunately the trend still is showing in that her husband is pretty hard to talk to.  He works a lot first of all but second, he isn't that used to talking about religion. He is a really great guy though and I even got him to laugh a couple times this week! Believe me, with this guy it is tough to do. Haha            
            Another investigator, L. is recovering from a leg surgery and that makes it good because she can't run away from us!! Yeah! Last night she seemed different so we asked her what she was thinking lately and she told us that she was really excited about everything we were teaching for the first week but that she didn't feel as excited and wasn't sure why that was the case. We explained the role of the Spirit and also talked about what Satan likes to do at times. Elder C. showed Moroni 7, the way to judge, and after talking it all over she was back on board and she even said she was excited again. It showed because at the end of the lesson both she and her mom asked quickly, "Hermanos, cuando regresan??" (Brothers, when are you coming back?) Elder C. invited her to pray as well and when she was done her smile was priceless.  I really have learned the power of prayer this week once again.  
Honestly the mission is still tough and I really miss all you guys but when I focus on why I'm here and what the Lord expects of me, it gets better. Along with that, when I receive answers like I did [this week] I feel like I can't let God down because He never does that with me.  Oh how great the goodness of our God, right? I hope you all know I love you so much and that you're always in my prayers. Keep on keepin’ on but most of all, keep the commandments for in this there is safety and most of all PEACE.  Really, there is!
Con Amor, 
Elder Jaussi
Elder Jaussi had this picture of Presidente and Hermana Garcia taken to wish his brother, McKay a happy birthday.  :)

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