Wednesday, October 9, 2013

1 John...Because That's a Tiny Book

Hola todos!!              

             I don't have much time to write (thus making this a tiny book) because I have to go run to priesthood session on the other side of Mérida.  Yep we got the first conference session in good ol’ ingles.  Tomorrow, maybe not but we'll see.  We watched it with the Assistants. This being our P-Day we can watch every session. Tomorrow we have to find an investigator for the second session but we all can watch the Sunday morning and priesthood sessions.
            I still am able to play piano every week in Sacrament meeting and sometimes in zone meetings, district meetings or things like that. That is one of the only things that wards remember me for: the piano.  Most ward members if they see me after I leave always say "Oh how we miss the piano!!!" Even though they've changed my name to Elder "Juicy" these last few weeks, it's good my piano legacy will be left behind. Haha (Elder H. always laughs because he says their pronunciation of my name has gotten worse the more we've been here in Esperanza.) 
This week we found an awesome family. When we found out our investigator was pretty drunk, we had to nicely leave, with Elder Hall telling me that he thought we should go back and contact a family he had seen.  I didn't really recognize them but I am sure glad that he did.  We went back and talked to them and the dad completely stopped what he was doing, put on his shirt and said, "Please, come inside!!" He didn't really know what we had or what we taught but he said that he had always seen missionaries walk by his house so he was interested.   
He and his wife have a cute little 2 year old son and the wife's sister listened to us too. They all listened so attentively and really looked like they were interested.  We have invited them to come see conference with us tomorrow and we're going to pass by their house to go with them. They already read assignments given and now we are just trying to help them accept a date. 
Along with them, we found a sister of a recent convert in our ward and we are going to try and start working with her. Things are going well and we're working with the few members that are willing to help us, teaching lessons with them present to back up our testimonies.  If you guys aren't able to help the missionaries much in teaching lessons, you should try to do that because it really helps a lot in the lessons.
How about "The Giff's" talk?!? I thought it was really cool that he is a Seventy now.  He sure talks fast!
Apparently, there had been some painting done in the offices so the Elders put on these masks to block the smell.

 Watching Elder Bednar's talk during a General Conference session.
 Eating in a member's home?  Not sure, but here Elder Jaussi holds up a "Happy Birthday" sign for his brother, Aaron.
 Elder Jaussi and his fellow missionaries wishing Aaron a happy birthday.

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