Sunday, September 29, 2013

"How Do You Say 'Normal' en Ingles?"

Hola todos! 

As seen by the decrease in catchy title lines, things here in the Mish mash have been just about normal as we say here in Mexico. I just keep on keepin’ on here if you catch my drift.  I really hope this email doesn't disappoint you all too much so I'll be racking my brain for some good stories to tell you all. 

This week we had conference that lasted two days and each day lasting 10 hours. Most of the time was spent practicing which is always good because I don't have much time to teach unfortunately in the offices but after about 6 hours... I was pooped I must say.  It was good though and I learned some things that I hope to implement in my teaching. 

Also while we were there, I got to catch up with Elder H. (an elder that was in Champoton when I was in Escarcega) which was good.  He also went to BYU so that will be fun to be able to stay in touch with him there. He let me borrow an article he had by Elder Todd R. Callister entitled "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary" and it is WAY good.  I don't know if any of you have ever heard of it but it really is awesome. He talks about what consecrated missionaries do, how they are and what one needs to do to be one. I learned a lot and this week set some personal goals to become better and more focused.  I have found that my biggest weakness is either fear or just lack of diligence. I don't necessarily fear talking to people but I always fear that I won't know what to say.  Elder Callister says that in order to be a consecrated missionary you have to overcome that fear and talk with everyone because that is one of the most repeated commandments given to missionaries in D and C: "open your mouth and testify."  This week I have been doing my best to talk with everyone and their dog but also giving 110 percent every day.  I always try to be able to come home, take off my shoes and then tell God that I gave it my all for Him.  I figure the promise in DyC 4 is a very awesome one "para que aparezcais sin culpa ante Dios en el ùltimo dìa." (that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day)  I highly recommend that talk even though it really only applies to missionaries. 

Last night we had a ward activity where we showed part of the "Hastening the Work" and we talked along with the Bishop. Let me tell you, this Bishop is quite the guy. He gave a rousing talk and after he asked me to talk and at the end, all of the members who came were talking, basically like a ward council, about what we could do to invite more of their friends, neighbors and family members to come unto Christ. I left really happy and I feel really good about things here in Esperanza. The ward really is so great here. The bishop gets the job done really well and I like that.

N., the niece of P. came to church this last Sunday too!!! She said she really liked it and she even was ready about 30 minutes before because she was pretty excited to go. The ward ladies really have been so good to her too. They have been visiting her and answering all her questions. This week, we did divisions and Elder H. and Elder M. invited her to be baptized but she said she was going to talk to her mom to ask permission. Pray for her so that her mom is all right with it all. We invited her mom to listen to us but she told us that it still hurts her to talk about things related to her husband's death. We'll keep working with them both though.  

Also, we have been working with an former bishop here and he is named Bishop Y. He is such a great guy and he is always giving us references and one of his buddies he told us to visit accepted a baptismal date and is coming to church tomorrow with his son!! He started crying in the prayer (the first that he had ever done he said) and asked God to help him make the changes that were necessary. Bless the heart of Bishop Y. His wife is [not being faithful at the moment] but he is still as happy and faithful as ever. Keep him in your prayers too, porfis? He is one of my favorite guys here. 

Well... El fin se acerca y hay poco tiempo (the end is near and there is little time).  I love you guys!! 

Con amor, 
Elder Jaussi
Sea feliz, sea Mormòn

 A cookie given to them by an investigator.
 Posing in front of  graffiti-covered wall.
 Cheesin' it up with companion, Elder H.
 Elder Jaussi with zone leader, Elder C.

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