Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Keep On "Hope-ing"

"Hola todos!!

"Lots has changed this week but not all has been for good. This last Sunday we had transfers and it turns out that Centro got closed down. After the baptism of N. there just wasn't anything as far as investigators so President decided to take us out and we are now in Barrio Esperanza ("Hope" Ward being the translation.)
I am worried about N. mostly though. I just really love that man and hope that he stays strong and doesn't feel sad about us not being able to see him. I haven't seen him since Sunday and I'm a little worried. You all will have to pray for him, ¿sale?  We just have to get some references from his ward and President will let us go visit him and the references seeing as we are in the ward right next door.  
President has a lot of faith in [the Esperanza] ward and he said he felt impressed to send us there so that made me excited.  I really do feel different with this area though. I'm excited to see what we can do with the members. 
On Tuesday night we met with the ward mission leader and he took us around to visit a couple less actives, members and old investigators. He seems like a really great guy.  It was good to have him with us because we are pretty lost in the new area. I never realized how hard it is opening up a new area.  [The missionaries before us] did tell us about one of their investigators before they left and it looks like he should get baptized this next Saturday. His name is P. and he had a brain tumor taken out about 5 years ago and as such has difficulty walking. He lives two doors down from us, his sister is the dueña (landlord) of our house and he is always out front sitting in his chair. He really is one of those golden investigators. He reads everything we give him and he really ponders about what he reads. He has always felt fed up with his religion and says he always wanted something more. He says that as he read the Book of Mormon he knew that he had found what he needed. He is a funny guy too and I already get along really well with him. He also told me, Momma, that I talk like a Spaniard! Qué loco, ¿no? (how crazy, right?)
President Johnson of Area Mexico just sent a letter out to all the country saying that the requirement for baptism is now 5 times in church so we have to find a lot of investigators soon so we can baptize before the change ends! This might be my last change here in the offices I'm thinking so we'll have to see if we can get a few in before I leave."
Taylor says that there have been some amusing things happening with immigration lately.  They have had some difficulty dealing with the employees in immigration who do not care much for Mormons.  He has tried to soften them a bit by talking with them and joking about sharing their treats with him.  He suggested that he could bring the treats the next time. (Apparently, they are only able to process a few missionaries on each visit and they have to return again and again.  Due to the change in mission address a few months ago, every missionary's information has to be updated.) .  Sister Garcia told Elder Jaussi that she would bake some brownies for him to take to them and apparently, they did the trick to soften their hearts.  He goes on to say:
Then, on Tuesday I brought the famous brownies of Sister Garcia and let me tell you, it melted everyone’s heart there!  Now when I leave immigration I say "Hasta luego mis amigas de migración!!" (see you later, my friends in immigration!)  Sister Garcia says that I'm going to be a diplomat someday because of all that I'm doing.  If anything, I feel like I can maybe leave a good name for the Church with a couple friends I have made there.  Before I leave the offices I think I'm going to give a Book of Mormon to every lady there with my testimony in it. 
Well... That's it my friends!! I'll keep you all posted on all the good stuff that is going on in my neck of the woods (or jungle as the case may be) and I'll ask that you all do the same for me!! Keep being superb and remember... I luff you all lots and lots!!

Con amor,
Elder Taylor Christian Jaussi
Sea feliz, sea Mormón!

Elders Jaussi, R. and H. with the M. M. Family, members who recently were sealed in the temple. 
 The C. Family.  Bro. J.-R. with sons Z. and K.  K. was the one who referred N. to the missionaries
 Two of the M. M. family, J. and J.
 J. M. M., Taylor's "little buddy"

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