Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fruit Flies, Black Flies, Angry Flies, But Mostly Time Flies

Hola todos!!

¿Què andan haciendo? I (What have you all been doing?) This week has been superb as usual and it definitely flew by for me.  Sometimes I don't realize that it's P-Day until I check my planner the night before when Elder H. and I start planning.  I can officially say it though.... I think going to the mission field again would be a good thing. With this much time in the offices I feel like there isn't much that can be thrown at me that I haven't already seen. (Knock on wood of course!) Either way, I'll just do my duty with a heart full of song. (Which I often do, cranking Priesthood session music, baby!!)

Speaking of Priesthood Session, I am super stoked for conference coming up.  This week while I was finishing up some immigration papers, I had on a talk by Elder... I don't remember his name, but he was talking about his love of General Conference. He gave the talk in a 2005 priesthood session and he told of how he and his brother would often go outside to play ball while they had the radio playing general conference. Sound familiar? He said he and his brother both knew that they would be given a test by their mom to see what they had learned so every few minutes they would stop playing to listen in.  I had to smile thinking about the brothers and me doing that too and then I realized, as did the Elder, that I shouldn't have done that.  He said that he has since repented and now Conference has come to be some of his favorite times of year.  I hope it stays this way for me my whole life and not just now when I'm a "goober missionary" as far as loving conference and looking forward to it. Elder H. and I are doing all we can to watch it in English again. It's still the language of the Heavens for me.... Haha

This week has been pretty normal as far as the mission field goes. We really are struggling to find new investigators but we are trying to lay a good foundation by working with the members.  P.'s baptism was really great but his confirmation was even better.  After we finished the blessing and were going to help him stand up, he kept sitting in his chair and didn't look up for what seemed like a really long time.  He pulled out his little hand towel, lifted up his glasses and slowly wiped away his tears. He looked up at us and just gave us the greatest smile and little nod of the head. This guy is really so sensitive to the Spirit and recognizes that he has done the right thing.  The only worry is, his family and friends keep asking him why he did what he did and what not.  We keep visiting him, though, and our ward mission leader (who baptized him with the help of Elder H.) keeps bringing him to any activity that the ward has so that we can keep him on track.

All in all, things are going just superb and I'm still "lovin’ every minute of it"  I'm sorry there really isn't that much to tell you cuties this week but hopefully we'll have some great stories to tell you next week.  As Mormon says, no miracles happen because of lack of faith so you best be believin’ that Elder H. and I will be taking faith pills along with our beans and rice!!

I love you guys! Have a great week!!

Con amor,  
Elder Jaussi 
Sea feliz, sea Mormòn
Taylor didn't say who these people are.  Possibly ward members who attended P.'s baptism?
 Elder Jaussi sporting the Jaussi Reunion t-shirt that we sent to him.  He definitely needed the short-sleeved version for the climate of the Yucatan.

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